Is Bulletproof Coffee A Trend To Jump On?

Whether you’re a paleo eater or not, chances are, you’ve at least heard of the term ‘bulletproof coffee’ before. This beverage is one that many people choose to start their day with for a variety of different reasons.

But, is it right for you?

Let’s get to the bottom of this by looking at what bulletproof coffee is and whether you should be incorporating it into your day.

What Exactly is Bulletproof Coffee?

bulletproof coffee trendBulletproof coffee is essentially a cup of high-grade coffee prepared with a few tablespoons of coconut oil and/or grass fed butter. Sometimes only one fat is utilized while in other cases, a mixture of both is included. There are several recipes available to help you make the perfect cup of bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee is often consumed first thing in the morning, usually on an empty stomach without much else. Proponents of this beverage often use this strictly as their breakfast, forgoing other food at this time.

The Pros

So what are the benefits to bulletproof coffee? How can it help you achieve superior health?

First, bulletproof coffee is ideal for stabilizing insulin levels. Since you’re only getting an ample dose of dietary fats and dietary fat has no influence on blood sugar levels, this will help protect you against any unwanted spikes or crashes you may experience with a standard breakfast meal.

Second, it provides long-term fuel. It’s not abnormal to find a cup of bulletproof coffee coming in at 400-500 calories, so this is a lot of energy in one cup. This energy will help fuel you throughout the morning, keeping you satisfied until lunch. Many people report that after having a cup of bulletproof coffee, their hunger is virtually non-exist.

Finally, thanks to the caffeine found in the coffee along with the fact that you aren’t taking in any carbohydrates and therefore insulin levels are kept in check, it can help increase the utilization of fat by the body. Note, however, as you are consuming a high amount of dietary fat with this beverage, some of that fat is going to be utilized as a fuel source.

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The Cons

Now for the cons. As with most things in life, there are pluses, and then there are negatives.

First, it’s a lot of calories. If you are hoping to control your body weight, 400-500 calories from a single beverage is not something you can likely afford to do. This morning concoction could lead to weight gain unless you lead a pretty active lifestyle.

Second, it provides no protein. Your first meal of the day should ideally provide protein as you have been fasting overnight and most will find a stream of amino acids now will help with feeling stronger and more energized. While of course there are those who practice intermittent fasting diets and don’t eat any breakfast at all, this isn’t ideal for everyone. Some people simply need more food – proteins and carbs.

Finally, if you are using grass-fed butter, while it is a better form of saturated fat to have in the diet, it is quite a potent dose of saturated fat. If you have any heart health concerns at all, this could be problematic.

The Verdict

So all in all, you’ll have to personally evaluate your situation. For most people, bulletproof coffee isn’t going to be the best fit as it just provides too many calories and not enough nutrients. While it does have some benefits, those benefits can also likely be achieved with a balanced breakfast meal.