Cold Ain’t Got Nothin’ on You: Your Winter Workout Essentials
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As the cold weather settles in, with an occasional addition of snow, it is easy to become discouraged about that morning run, the trip to the gym, or anything that gets you out of the cozy comfort of your bed. But we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things to keep you warm and comfortable as you hit the streets during the winter months.

4 Winter Workout Essentials To Keep You Dry & Fit



The 180s Tec Touch stretch gloves have been upgraded for your tech needs. The thin fabric layer and gel fingertips give you the ability to use that smartphone or iPod you can’t run without, as they protect your fingers from the harsh weather.

Winter Hatshat

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The North Face Passing Through Beanie is similar to polyester fitted helmet. The snug fit traps in the warmth, covers your ears, shielding you from the harshest winds. And best of all, it is slim enough to provide comfort under any hood.


The Smartwool Phd Toe Sock Mini is the most efficient shield sock this season. The individual toe separations protect feet from blisters. The temperature control technology protects feet from bacteria, and the tight-knit merino wool protects feet from frostbite.

Scarf (Gaiter)gaiter

The SmartWool Neck Gaiter is perfect for running as the material is sure to keep you warm and dry through your run. In addition to it being water repellent, it’s also dirt repellent so you can breathe easy during your final mile.