Being Healthy Never Looked So Good: A Q&A with Sabir Peele
At City Fitness, we’re constantly learning about what motivates people to strive for healthier lifestyles. This Q&A is part of a larger interview series with a number of Philadelphians representing a wide range of industries and communities — from entertainment to fashion to fitness. These interviews and photos were completed to celebrate the launch of City Fitness’ Signature Club which is coming to the Sterling Building on 18th and JFK. Click here for more information and 30 Days of early access for just $10!

Meet Sabir Peele. He’s the founder of Men’s Style Pro, a lifestyle blog offering style advice and showcasing cool products for men. Along with running his own business, he’s married with an adorable 14-month-old son. For many, such a busy schedule would mean fitness and health would suffer. But Sabir isn’t just anybody. In the following interview, the former track-and-field athlete at Ursinus College explains how he never lets the pressures of family and career overtake his passion for health.

Why is it so important for you to make exercise a part of your life?

For me, the gym is time to myself. It’s a mental health thing. I get to be in my thoughts. I get to be in a different space mentally and physically. I love the gym mentality. I’m friendly but when I go to work out, I get into a zone where I push myself and challenge myself.

What is your advice to working fathers who struggle to live healthy lifestyles?

Challenge yourself with the free time you have. For example, if you can schedule 10 minutes a few times a day to put together a mini-circuit workout, you’ll end up doing a full workout by the end of the day. Setting mini fitness goals throughout a week is a more efficient and sometimes more feasible way of getting healthier than scheduling hours of work outs. Incorporating your kids and whole family into your fitness and healthy lifestyle will make you all healthier. Children emulate their parents more than anyone, especially when they see them working out. My son always tries to do push-ups when he see me doing them.

Why does being in shape help you as a fashion influencer?

Being in shape and being a fashion influencer goes hand-in-hand. Off-the-rack clothing tends to drape better on the body when you’re in shape, which translates into better pictures.
You’re able to broaden the scope with brands you work with outside of just “fashion” focused brands. I’ve worked with fitness brands like Adidas & Brooks Running this past year and I can attribute those collaborations to my athletic background. And lastly, your energy level translates over to you work. As a former athlete, I’m typically able to push myself in all facets of life – work, family and fun — without feeling burnt out.

Do you think Philly is a healthier place than when City Fitness opened its doors 10 years ago?

Philly is definitely creeping up in the ranks of the most health-consciousness cities in the country. Look at all the races, juice bars and gyms popping up. Walk around Center City or Rittenhouse. If you don’t see people going to work, you see people working out. And it’s people of all ages. Being fit is not a trend, it’s becoming a habit. It’s part of the culture now. When I get together with friends, we’re going to play basketball. When we’re finished, we’re not going to wolf down cheesesteaks, we might go to a hummus spot instead. Philly is full of like-minded, health conscious people — and the community is vibrant.

Q&A by Jared Shelly