Grab a Post-Workout Beer at One of These Local Craft Breweries
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Whether you believe it or not, researchers are saying that drinking one or two beers after regular exercise can actually help lower muscle inflammation and boost the immune system without having negative effects on muscle growth. Now, if that alone isn’t a reason to start having a post-workout beer, then I don’t know what is! Thankfully our beautiful city is loaded with tons of Craft Breweries and a handful of them are just a walking distance away from the gym.

These Local Low-Alcohol Brews are PERFECT for a Post-Workout Beer

Crime & Punishment Brewing Co: Infinite Zest

Style: Gose//ABV: 4.0%

Post-Workout BeerThe sour and somewhat briny taste of Goses is derived from a traditional German brewing style, which uses salt and coriander. One of the reasons it is believed that beer is detrimental to one’s post-workout is because of beer’s dehydrating effects. How do you fix that? Add salt. This strawberry lime Gose is a great option to enjoy without forfeiting all your hydration.

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Neshaminy Creek: J.A.W.N.

Style: American Pale Ale// ABV: 5.2%

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J.A.W.N., otherwise known as “Juicy Ale With Nugget,” is an easy drinking, crisp, malty beer loaded with citrus, tropical and stone fruit flavors. Perfect for an after workout brew.. or two!

Pizza Boy Brewing Company: Shandalous

Style: Lemon Shandy//ABV: 3.8%

The Germans really knew what they were doing when it came to developing low alcoholic thirst quenchers; this beer style is presumed to have originated due to the popularity of cycling and the need for a refreshing, less alcoholic beverage while riding. Almost too similar to a regular glass of lemonade, this shandy will have your taste buds clamoring for more.

Evil Genius: Ma! The Meatloaf

Style: Witbier//ABV: 5.5%

“Stacy’s Mom,” “Santa!! I Know Him!!,” “This One Time At Bandcamp Double IPA,” Evil Genius never disappoints us with their witty beer names. “Ma! The Meatloaf” is an easy drinking, Witbier with notes of sour citrus and mangoes. Keep a lookout for Evil Genius, as they’re opening a brewery and tasting room late this year or in early 2017 on Front Street near Columbia Avenue in Fishtown.

Victory Brewing Company: Prima Pils

Style: German Pilsner//ABV: 5.3%

Featuring floral and earthy notes of honey, orange citrus and grapefruit, this smooth and crisp beer will help take the edge off making it a delicious post-workout beer.