4 Philly-Based Fitness Apparel Companies to Revamp Your Workout Wardrobe

For years, I refused to invest in workout gear that wasn’t just remnants of my or my boyfriend’s regular wardrobe. Forever21 (definitely see-through) leggings and ripped T-shirts it was.

And then, someone gifted me a pair of leggings that were actually designed for exercise and EVERYTHING changed. My workouts were more comfortable; sweat dried as quickly as it was made, meaning I didn’t have to run straight home after a workout, hoping no one witnessed my butt sweat (happens to the best of us) on the way; and I actually wanted to get dressed to go to the gym.

My point: Quality workout wear is worth it. And if you’re going to shop for it, you might as well support some local companies in the process, right? Below, four Philly-based fitness apparel makers and retailers that will revamp your workout wardrobe.

Addison Bay

If you want to spend all day in your workout clothes—without being embarrassed to be seen by anyone you know—consider this Philly-based online retailer your new go-to for gear. The online store, which launched last fall, offers a curated selection of fashion-forward fitness gear and athleisure that you’ll feel perfectly proud prancing around town in all weekend long.

Like just about anything with the word “fashion” attached, the brands featured on the site—picks like Onzie, PE Nation and Michie—don’t come cheap. That said, the site allows you to shop based on price, which means you can avert your eyes from tempting snakeskin-printed sports bras and matching sets that exceed your budget.

Endeavor Athletic

The company is known for its dedication to effective fabric technology, incorporating—wait for it—Certified Space Technology fabric into their designs for optimized heat absorption and reflection. Read: A more comfortable sweat session.

Endeavor has a shop in Center City and another in Suburban Square, so you can shop them in person or online. They also host pop-up fitness classes with local studios, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their Instagram.

Boathouse Sports

This sportswear veteran, around since the 70s, is the brainchild of former Olympic rower John Strotbeck. The company’s Hunting Park Avenue factory has outfitted Olympic teams, and they are an especially popular pick for uniforms in the collegiate sports world. Oh! And they’ve also been known to outfit dogs in the cutest of Eagles jackets.

Because they’re known for uniforms, one cool feature that sets them apart is the ability to customize just about any type of gear, from sports bras to leggings to jackets. (Calling all bridal parties: I see some party favors that won’t get thrown in the garbage in your future.)

Another sweet thing they’re known for: factory sales that offer super steep discounts on gear. Keep an eye on their Instagram for news of the next one.


If you like a side of shopping with your savasana, this charming Chestnut Hill yoga studio and boutique has you covered: The intimate heated studio offers everything from hip-hop yoga to restorative flows, and the accompanying boutique is stocked with a hefty lineup of stylish brands like Alo, Spiritual Gangster and more.

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