These Two Philly Coffee Shops… Oh, Man!
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Until recently coffee had been on the World Health Organization’s list of possible carcinogens, however since 1991 studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers actually have lower rates of heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and a few types of cancers. In June it was announced that the WHO had finally struck coffee from the list of possible carcinogens! With that said, it’s now something you can safely think about integrating into your pre-workout routine.

Coffee proves to be a great source of antioxidants, all while enhancing one’s fat and calorie burning ability. Right around the corner from our Graduate Hospital location, there are two great coffee shops that are a must visit, Ultimo Coffee, and Rival Brothers Coffee Bar.

Here are two Philly coffee shops ya gotta visit:

Philly Coffee Shops - Ultimo Coffee

Ultimo Coffee

2149 Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Named one of America’s Best Coffee Shops, Ultimo serves up hand-poured coffee and seasonal single-origin options from North Carolina roasters, Counter Culture Coffee. Their iced coffee options in the summer are totally satisfying as well.

Philly Coffee Shops - Rival Bros

Rival Brothers Coffee Bar

2400 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

This local favorite offers house-roasted blends and a delicious rotation of toasts, sandwiches and pastries delivered daily from Philadelphia’s acclaimed High Street on Market. Some of the tempting toasts options that they’ve feature in the past have been:

  • Anadama toast with house ricotta, local honey, and fennel jawn (fennel seed, black pepper, sea salt, cane sugar)
  • Genzano bread lightly toasted with artichokes dressed in red pepper vinaigrette, miso hummus and cilantro shoots (vegan too if you request no butter)
  • Vegetable ash toast (apple butter, manchego cheese, and rosemary almonds) with balsamic strawberries, vegetable ash levain, lemon mascarpone, and salted tarragon sugar

With our neighborhood guide, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee on your way to Graduate Hospital. Be sure to check out both of these awesome coffee shops to fuel up to help maximize your workout

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