Muscle Music Workout Playlist: Breaking Down the Chords That Help You Break Down the Fat
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We know you’re tired of listening to the same playlist for every workout, but have no fear, we’ve hit up some of Philly’s best DJs for a compilation of tracks from your favorite Philly artists!

The Philly Workout Playlist of a Lifetime:

Now you can warm up, work hard, and cool down with motivation from our City Fitness Workout Playlist. What do you think?

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Special thanks to Illvibe Collectives’ Mr. Sonny James (UglyBass) , DJ Matthew Law (Friends & Family), DJ Lil’Dave (Eavesdrop Radio), as well as DJ Lean Wit It (UglyBass), DJ Royale (HeyBabe), DJ Hollywood and of course all of the talented Philly artists for the motivation.