Cars, Fitness and Street Art: A Match Made in Fishtown
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One of the things that makes City Fitness unique is the attention we pay to building our health clubs as a reflection of the neighborhoods in which they reside.
When thinking about how to celebrate the opening of our club in Fishtown, obviously we wanted to avoid doing what gyms typically do when going into a new market – set up a tent and hope for the best. We want to integrate into that community and start from day one as an excited participant in day to day life, the same way we will be when the residents at Fishtown are working out at the City Fitness on Frankford and Belgrade.

City Fitness + Fishtown- There Couldn’t Be A Better Pair

Fishtown is both visually and culturally representative of the things driving Philadelphia’s growth into a bonafide cultural epicenter – its businesses err on the side of innovative design and customer experience, its residents ever-exploring what a Philadelphia neighborhood is and can be in 2016. What was I gonna do – send out a bunch of postcards and slap a billboard on a bus station?

We asked our partners at Palette Group to help us identify local artists, living and working in Fishtown to create murals reflecting City Fitness’ core values of innovation, consistency, and community, to be installed on custom car wraps for a few Fishtown residents. These cars will be whipping around Philly through early 2017, spending most of their time in Fishtown. Candidly speaking, the cars look incredible, and will serve as a frequent callback to the fact that City Fitness is coming to Fishtown in a big way (in addition to the special events and other things we’re bringing to Fishtown leading up to our launch).

Let’s Meet The Artists:

city Fitness FishtownBrendan Lowry, Peopledelphia:

“When City Fitness approached me about this project and mentioned that community was one of their main pillars, my candid photography work was a perfect match.

With Peopledelphia, I aim to tell Philadelphia’s story through its people and the main focus of the Instagram account is community. As a City Fitness member, I’ve seen the emphasis this company puts on community and was excited to help reflect that with this collage.”

city fitness fishtownSarah Cassano, Odetta Blue:

“Usually while discussing a project, I create the whole image in my head before even a line is drawn. I’m sure that’s the case with most artists. As this project was presented to me… line after line became clear in my mind. The piece was already made in my head.

I wanted to portray a sound woman, mind, body, soul. I often add several limbs to my subjects to represent the ability woman have to conquer many goals at once. Like this subject, the women are often staring right at the viewer, fully engaged, while also keeping her crazy life intact. And I made her yellow simply because I love the Simpsons. :)”

city fitness phillySteph Snow, Steph Snow Art:

“As an individual who’s encountered great self-realization through the meditative power of fitness, I was thrilled to tackle this opportunity to express the consistency that City Fitness brings to the culture of healthy living in Philadelphia.

Repetition and pattern are powerful visual elements, and describe the nature of fitness perfectly: It’s not just about each individual motif, brand, or piece of equipment, but how all of these aspects work together. A great gym isn’t just about the weights and workouts: it’s about an experience, a lifestyle, and the consistency that forms the whole design.”