Remember Joe? He’s Back With a Big Announcement!

joe back

Allow me to (re)introduce myself! Hey everyone, my name is Joe, fellow Philadelphian, fitness enthusiasts, avid runner and Product Design student at Drexel University. Some of you might remember me from my adventures in Nepal a few months back. I had an amazing experiencing a whole new (and crazy) part of the world. Well, good news, I’m back in Philly and City Fitness is keeping me on as a blog writer! My role is going change a little though and we have some exciting things planned for the next few months. I am going to be writing about the fitness adventures I have in Philadelphia! Yup, that’s right, not on the other side of the globe. Right here in your backyard! Philadelphia has some awesome workout groups, races, and other cool stuff going on and I am here to tell you whats up! I will be writing about all different kinds of events going on in the city that are coming up (or that you missed). I will also be hitting up some of the great classes that City Fitness has to offer and give you a feel of what they are like.

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So, What Have I Been Up To Since I’ve Been Back From Nepal?

Well immediately after landing in the states (at 5 am), I took a trip to Jones Beach. Of course, I’ve been running a lot and have started to train for the Philadelphia Half-Marathon, so you will probably see me running around the city a lot. (P.S. there is still time to sign up!). Back in September, I had the awesome opportunity to spend a week in Brooklyn and run with the Brooklyn Track Club. They definitely don’t mess around and know how to run a killer speed workout. While I was there, I took a class with Brooklyn Shoe Space where I designed and made a pair of shoes by hand! And last but not least, I am back working at Philadelphia Runner, so come visit me and get some new running kicks!

I am excited to share all my experiences with you and I hope you look forward to my posts!