“Had a Bad Day? Do Some Ball Slams!” — A Q&A with Jen Carr
At City Fitness, we’re constantly learning about what motivates people to strive for healthier lifestyles. This Q&A is part of a larger interview series with a number of Philadelphians representing a wide range of industries and communities — from entertainment to fashion to fitness. These interviews and photos were completed to celebrate the launch of City Fitness’ Signature Club which is coming to the Sterling Building on 18th and JFK. Click here for more information and 30 Days of early access for just $10!

At City Fitness, we’re always looking to develop the next generation of great personal trainers. And we couldn’t be more excited to be working with Jen Carr, a talented young woman who simply loves to exercise. Perhaps it stems from a childhood of playing every sport she could try. Perhaps it stems from trying to keep up with two older brothers. Now she’s passing that passion for fitness along to her clients. Her biggest goal? Motivate people to love themselves and feel comfortable in their own bodies.

What’s your philosophy on health and wellness?

I am very body positive. I think everyone should embrace their body and where it is at that moment. I ask myself: “How can I help people feel more comfortable in their own bodies?” People ask me health-and-fitness questions all the time. “What should I eat, vegan or vegetarian?” I tell them to do what’s good for their own bodies. Try things out. See what works for you. Just know where your food comes from.

Sometimes, the hardest part about working out is actually walking out the door, leaving the stress of a busy day behind and focusing on yourself. How can you motivate people to do that?

As soon as you step into the gym, it’s time to leave everything behind. Had a bad day at work? Let’s do some ball slams! Don’t dwell on it. Use it for momentum. Use the stress of the day to push yourself through a strenuous workout. But don’t go home and have a drink instead.

What is it about a career in the fitness industry that intrigued you?

I was in school studying fashion and merchandising. I remember sitting in a class at 8 a.m. and the girls were all dressed to the nines wearing full makeup. Meanwhile, I was always in my workout gear. I knew something wasn’t quite right and wasn’t a fit. So I said to myself, I workout everyday. I eat healthy. Why not make it a career?

What motivates you to be healthy?

It just feels good. I’ve been active my whole life. I was always playing a sport as a kid. It helped to have two older brothers! Today, if I don’t work out I feel weird. If I work out, I feel great. I want to help people experience that amazing feeling. You need to take care of your body. You need to be able to move. That’s what we were born to do, move.

Why did you study to become a personal trainer and Thrive trainer?

Honestly it’s just to educate people about nutrition, health and wellness. A lot of people need motivation to live a healthy lifestyle and I want to help people get motivated.

What are your thoughts on being embraced by Philly’s fitness community?

Everyone at City Fitness has been so supportive! Literally everyone at work knew when I took my National Academy of Sports Medicine certification test. It’s a community. It’s like my family. It’s not a regular gym where members just get in and get out. These people actually care about you. It’s really cool.

Q&A by Jared Shelly