Health is Wealth: A Q&A with Musician, Chill Moody
At City Fitness, we’re constantly learning about what motivates people to strive for healthier lifestyles. This Q&A is part of a larger interview series with a number of Philadelphians representing a wide range of industries and communities — from entertainment to fashion to fitness. These interviews and photos were completed to celebrate the launch of City Fitness’ Signature Club which is coming to the Sterling Building on 18th and JFK. Click here for more information and 30 Days of early access for just $10!

Being a professional musician does not lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. Between the late nights, constant partying and loads of travel, musicians face even more obstacles than most with regard to keeping themselves fit and healthy. Chill Moody knows that all too well. Not only does the Philly-born rapper play shows all the time, he’s even got his own beer — nicethingsIPA, a collaboration with Dock Street Brewery. But that doesn’t stop him from exercising and staying healthy. In the following interview, Chill explains how fitness helps him find balance and keeps him going strong.

How does fitness keep you balanced?

You need to take care of yourself. The cliche “health is wealth” is real. This is not a 9-5 job. There are no set hours. I may have to jump up at midnight and go do something — and it’s just acceptable because it’s just my profession. Moving around that much, your eating habits suffer, your workout habits suffer. It’s a lot of stress on your body. I have to channel that stress somewhere so focusing on fitness and health is important.

Being an entertainer, you’re expected to party all the time. How difficult is it to stay healthy?

Especially when you have your own beer, there’s really no chance of you not drinking! You just have to make time for exercise. You’ve got to understand the importance of it. When the party stops and your body isn’t feeling the way it used to, something has got to change. You have to add some balance to this partying and take care of yourself. Sometimes that means being physically fit. Sometimes that means just resting your body. All of that is important.

Is there anybody on your staff keep you in line with fitness and health?

Really everybody. It’s all of our jobs to look out for each other. It’s a community. Period. Even something as simple as “you didn’t forget to eat today, right?” We’ll go the gym as a group. It’s easier when you have somebody behind you motivating you as a gym partner. So we’ll all going to the gym in the morning to sweat it out and get active.

You’re planning a tour for the fall and winter. Once you go out on tour, do you have a plan to stay healthy?

I would love to take a trainer on tour with me so in that downtime I can focus on bettering myself. Tour life is a lot of partying and a lot of debauchery so you gotta have that balance. I need that person who’s gonna be there and motivate me and keep me in check. The trainer would just be part of the team. You’ve got your videographer. You’ve got your DJ. And you’ve got your trainer.

Q&A by Jared Shelly