City Fitness x Lululemon x Ghost Race

How does racing along the Schuylkill River Trail wearing your free Lululemon gear as the sun rises while being cheered on by the City Fitness Crew sound? Well, you missed your chance to live out that dream! Last Wednesday, City Fitness teamed up with Lululemon to celebrate this year’s Ghost Race. The Ghost Race is a virtual 8k tracked on Strava that bends the rules on traditional races. You can run the course as many times as you want from October 13th to the 22nd and challenge your friends or other people on Strava try to PR.

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city fitnessSo let’s recap what happened on Wednesday… The chilly morning was immediately warmed up by hitting the treadmill in the Lululemon “More than Miles” test truck with some of their newest apparel. This truck looks like you are going to teleport if you ran fast enough. Talk about some cool apparel too. Not only does this stuff perform amazing during a workout, but it also looks great! I’m convinced the truck and the apparel are from the future…

Next, toes were on the line for the Ghost Race. All friendly competition of course and the City Fitness team was there to cheer on anyone who was running the race. The hype was high, the jams were loud and the times were fast. There are still a few days left to try and beat our best times, (mine is 30:47). But good luck without the CF hype squad!

Refreshments from Juice Philly and High Brew Coffee were at the recovery tent. Healthy juices and caffeine was a great way to end a fit morning.

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