After the Marathon, Is the After Party: Where to Celebrate After the Philadelphia Marathon
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You just ran 26.2 miles. That’s pretty impressive. Completing the Philadelphia Marathon is a huge accomplishment and huge accomplishments are cause for celebration. Turns out that post-race hurrah may be good for you too!
Research shows that sugars, salts, and bubbles in beer causes that tasty pint to rehydrate the human body post workout better than water. Who knew? With that information in mind, we’ve put together a list of hotspots to hit up post race; even if you aren’t a boozer!

7 Spots to Celebrate at After the Philadelphia Marathon

For Beer Lovers

1) Bishop’s CollarParty marathon

Just blocks away from the finish line at 2349 Fairmount Ave, this bar is a post-marathon staple and a great place to meet up with and get to know fellow runners.

2) Kite & Key

Located at 1836 Callowhill Street, this bar and brunch paradise is just close enough to the race and has been frequented by the Odyssey half marathon runners in the past, offering $1 off specials on draft beers.

3) McCrossen’s Tavern

Within walking distance at 529 North 20th Street serves both beer and pancakes for the win. Definitely a breakfast of champions!

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For The Health Conscious

4) V Street

Perfect for vegan runners and drinkers. Located at 126 S. 19th street, this street bar is refreshing and delicious.

5) Hip City Veg

Located at 127 S 18th street, Hip City Veg is 100% plant based, plus they have super refreshing soy based milkshakes.

For The Late Brunchers

6) City Tap House Logan Square

Located in Center City West at 2 Logan Square, the Tap House is a fan favorite winning hearts by offering specials to patrons with a finisher’s medal.

7) Sabrina’s Cafe

A Philadelphia staple, located just blocks away from the marathon finish line is a great option for the family. It has the most brunch options and the atmosphere is kid friendly!

Have fun runners and make sure to celebrate safely and responsibly. You just crushed 26.2 miles, you deserve to treat yourself.