Where to Find Affordable (and Cute!) Spring Workout Clothes Online

It’s spring, y’all! Which means spring cleaning time—i.e. that time of year when you realize just how many holes there are in your favorite workout T-shirt and just how see-through your favorite leggings have become—is here. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to need some new workout clothes once you finish Marie Kondo-ing your life. Below, six online retailers where you can re-up on workout clothes and gear without looking at your credit card statement afterward and screaming, “What have I DONE?!”

Guide to Affordable and Cute! Workout Clothes Online

Girlfriend Collective

What you’ll find: Cute two-piece workout sets that won’t make you dip into your savings.
Two-piece workout sets are having a moment (see: every Instagram influencer on the internet), but some of ‘em come with some serious sticker shock. These leggings and crop top-like sports bras, made out of recycled water bottles (!!), are on the lower end of the spectrum though. Leggings start at $58 and bras start in the $30s.


What you’ll find: Sports bras, workout tanks and Ts, leggings, some with hundreds of reviews to back them up.
As anyone who’s bought anything on Amazon knows, every purchase you make is a gamble. That said, with a little digging, you can find some great workout gear on the online-shopping behemoth. And with prices under $20 for a lot of the goods, it’s hard to beat. This top-rated sports bra, a great find by the folks at the Cut, is a good place to start. The Best Sellers sections also trim down time spent searching.

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Lululemon’s We Made Too Much section

What you’ll find: Lululemon gear with seriously slashed prices.
Lululemon doesn’t often have sales, but they do have a little section on their website called “We Made Too Much” where you’ll find impressive deals on everything from leggings (this pair is calling my name) to jackets. And while Lululemon is never going to serve up Amazon prices, it’s worth noting that their leggings last for-freaking-ever.


What you’ll find: Sales on workout and outdoorsy gear, plus performance fuel from big-name brands like Manduka, Merrell, and more.
This site hosts limited-time sales on everything from running socks to yoga mats to energy gels from well-known brands. If you’re on the hunt for something specific, you might be out of luck, but it’s worth checking every now and then, just to see if they happen to have something you need at a serious discount.

Old Navy

What you’ll find: Trendy workout tanks, T-shirts and leggings for under $20.
You might be rolling your eyes at the mention of Old Navy, best known for flip-flops and, well, isn’t that all? But one of my friends, a former fashion editor at Philly Mag, gave Old Navy’s activewear department the seal of approval a few years back and I have never looked at the store the same. They’ve got on-trend workout clothes for cheap, and I swear to you they are cute. See: this top and these adorable yoga leggings. Cute, right? Told you so.


What you’ll find: A subscription delivery service for workout clothes.
If you’re just purchasing your leggings and sports bras á la carte, Fabletics prices are pretty normal; the real deals come in when you become a VIP member, which is their monthly subscription-based service for workout clothes. Then, prices drop as low as $25 for two-piece sets. Bonus: you can skip months when you don’t have it in your budget to splurge on flowery sports bras.