Navigating Holiday Parties Just Got a Little Easier

The holiday season is upon us! Many people fear weight gain during this time of year. However, studies show that the average holiday weight gain is only about one to two pounds. If weight gain isn’t your primary concern, there is still the possibility of getting off track towards your health and fitness goals.

Five Tips to Navigating Holiday Parties

1. Don’t Go Hungry

You may end up overindulging if you “save calories” for the party. Eat balanced meals throughout the day and eat a snack or meal before the party. This will lead to eating smaller portions and less temptation to overeat. Make sure you plan on having a few treats at the party. If you bring a healthy version of your favorite appetizer or dessert you will feel less guilty about your treat.

navigating holiday parties2. Check Out All Your Options

Make sure you look at everything available to you at the party before putting things on your plate. This way you won’t waste calories on things you don’t actually want. Choose the items you really want and keep your portion sizes under control. 

3. Limit Your Alcohol

This is probably the most difficult tip! Most holiday parties will offer some festive sugary cocktails. Try to resist these and opt for a low-calorie drink such as wine, champagne, light beer or vodka soda. Not as exciting, but I find that most people would prefer to eat their calories instead of drink them.

4. Keep to Your Fitness Schedule

It’s no secret that the holidays are extremely busy. Between holiday parties, shopping, and festive activities it may seem like there is no time for fitness. However, this is precisely when you should be sticking to your routine as much as possible. By working out you will feel more energized for your parties and be able to treat yourself without feeling the guilt.

5. Have Fun

Focus on the social aspects of holiday parties instead of the food and drinks. Enjoy the company you are with and the activities you are participating in. As you savor your food and relax with family and friends, you can avoid that holiday weight gain.