A Little Competition Never Hurt Nobody: How to Run an “At-Work Fitness Challenge”
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Health habits tend to bite the dust this time of year. However, despite all of the chocolate and candy canes, the new year brings with it motivation to get in shape. As 2017 approaches, there’s no better time to get the office motivated to commit to a team fitness challenge. With so many options available, you can tailor the challenge to your coworkers’ overall needs. A great challenge and efficient reward system can make your “at work fitness challenge” one for the ages.

Picking th Right Fitness Challenge

Habit Challenges:

Habit challenges aim to tweak daily habits to provide health benefits. Potential challenges include taking the stairs instead of the elevator or packing lunch instead of buying lunch. These are best for shorter periods of time and is great for first-time challengers.

 Trying to Out-Step Your CoWorker? Make Your Runs a Little More FUN!

Team Challenges:

fitness challengesTeam challenges are a great way to build community in the workplace, establish new skills in leadership and accountability (all good stuff!). Examples include group weight loss total challenges, a group total of 8k run, or a total amount of group steps per day. City Fitness members can use MYZONE belts and the leaderboards at our gyms to track who’s racking up points by giving the most effort.

Reward Systems:

The best reward systems are those that provide an equal opportunity for everyone. Raffles are best for short-term challenges because they have the opportunity provide a different winner every week. The prizes change each week to keep previous winners motivated and provides a fresh start for other challengers.

For longer, or larger team challenges, it’s always great to work with a local business to provide an incentive for your challenge. Free lunches at a local restaurant or a one-month membership to a local gym are great examples of a sponsored incentive.

There you have it! Bust out of those cubes and get your exercise on with your co-workers. Even if you don’t win, you’ll all be thankful for it.