These 10 Philly Treats Are to Die For on a Hot Summer Day

Despite all the sweat involved, summer does have its perks: summer Fridays, beach weekends, sunshine! And to add to those, the 10 ice-cold Philly treats listed below. When you feel like you’re trapped in an inescapable sauna for months on end, these scoops, shakes and sips will be your relief. At least for a few minutes.

John’s Water Ice, 701 Christian Street

John’s Water Ice is a Philly institution. The minute the temperature rises above 70 degrees, the Italian Market spot has a line down the block. And not for no reason: Gelati (that’s water ice paired with ice cream) is happiness in a cup.

The Chilly Banana’s Banana Whips, multiple locations (find their schedule here)

Banana Whips are nature’s ice cream and, before you roll your eyes, it should be noted that they actually taste good. Truly! Made from—you guessed it!—frozen bananas that are whipped to an ice cream-like texture, yours can be topped with everything from fruit to coconut milk whipped cream at this millennial pink-hued roaming truck.

Pizzeria Beddia’s Espresso Soft Serve, 1313 North Lee Street

This espresso-laced soft serve, served at Pizzeria Beddia’s beautiful and bright new space, is debatably more reservation-worthy than the outrageously delicious pizza they sling. Seriously: I witnessed a guy eat a glass of it as his appetizer the other day. (If you’re reading this, you’re my hero.)

Goldie’s Tehina Shake, 1526 Sansom Street and 2101 Pennsylvania Avenue
Photo by Alexandra Hawkins

You know what makes a summer grocery trip a trip you actually want to take? Sipping on one of these divine dairy-free shakes, made creamy with the brilliant base of tehina, while ticking items off your list. You can get your hands on one of these—in flavors Original, Turkish Coffee, Banana and Mint Chocolate—at Whole Foods’ Callowhill outpost as well as Goldie’s Rittenhouse location.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s CBD Ice Cream Bar, multiple locations

Little Baby’s has taken the CBD trend to new heights by introducing a CBD ice cream bar. Very chill, huh?

Otter Pops at Acme, multiple locations

Because who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned freezer pop? You can get these bad boys at your local Acme. Note: They pair best with an inflatable-pool-in-the-backyard kind of summer day. Can’t you feel the nostalgia setting in already?

Sip-N-Glo’s Buzzed Smoothie, multiple locations
Photo courtesy of Sip-N-Glo Juicery

You know what beats even the iciest of iced coffees on a steaming-hot walk to work? A coffee smoothie. Enter Sip-N-Glo’s Buzzed smoothie, which works double duty to get you a caffeine boost and cool you off.

Anything from Franklin Fountain, 116 Market Street
Photo by Rob Wallace

Go for the Instagramable takeout containers, stay for the endless options. I’m not going to tell you what to get at Franklin Fountain because one cannot just choose one thing from Franklin Fountain. The kitschy soda fountain-style shop has everything, from piled-high brownie sundaes to vegan scoops, and you really can’t go wrong.

Bud & Marilyn’s Orange Crush Gritty Slush, 1234 Locust Street
Photo courtesy of Bondfire Media

Does it get better than a spiked slushy named after the infamous Gritty? I’m going to go with no. Bud & Marilyn’s rotates the spiked slushie in their machine, but for now, this is what it’s churning out.

HipCityVeg’s Kale Lemonade, multiple locations
Photo courtesy of HipCityVeg

If you are currently doubting all my previous suggestions, let me just say this: It tastes nothing like green juice—promise.

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