The Ultimate Post-Workout Snack-Attack Guide for Philly

Hanger (that’s hunger and anger combined—you know what I’m talking about) can make a person do crazy things, like screech “That’s not enough cheddar!” at the perfectly nice Wawa employee making their hoagie or send scathing texts to a significant other about mundane annoyances, like not making the bed properly. No judgment—we’ve all been hangry monsters before, right?But no more, people! At least, no more post-gym hanger episodes. We’ve created the ultimate post-workout snack-attack gym guide for Philly, pointing out the best healthy eats near City Fitness outposts (all are under a mile from the designated location). Bonus: Not only will eating after your workout keep the hangry monster in you at bay, getting a meal in immediately following your workout also helps to replace the energy stores you just used up in your sweat session, helps to kickstart your muscles’ reparation process, and helps to prevent overuse injuries. So yeah, you’re going to want to keep this list handy.

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The Ultimate Post-Workout Snack-Attack Guide for Philly

Best Healthy Eats Near City Fitness Logan Square

1701 Arch Street
This spot gives you the best of both worlds: hearty burritos paired with nutrient-packed smoothies and juices, like the Animo Glow—that’s carrots, orange, and cantaloupe. Mmmm.

Sook Hee’s Produce
1701 JFK Boulevard
Nestled in the lower level of the Comcast Center, this produce spot is perfect for grabbing a quick healthy snack or a fresh-pressed juice.

Snap Kitchen
1901 Chestnut Street
The folks at Snap Kitchen are on top of their game when it comes to snacks: They’ve got bars galore, hard-boiled eggs filled with hummus—oddly satisfying, by the way—and grab-and-go smoked salmon dip, to name a few. But if you’re on the hungrier side, they also have ready-to-eat meals, ranging from Paleo to Whole30 to vegan.

Whole Foods Market
2101 Pennsylvania Avenue
Your post-workout options are endless at this gargantuan Whole Foods location, which comes complete with the regular fixings (a solid salad bar, sushi bar, and hot bar with lots of vegan options) along with a Dizengoff outpost (!!), the spot for perfectly creamy hummus, and Goldie if vegan falafel is more your speed. (I won’t judge you for getting a tehina shake, too.)

1601 Market Street and 1821 Chestnut Street
If you’re craving a giant pile of greens smothered in spicy cashew dressing (if you aren’t already obsessed with creamy stuff, you’re about to be), you have your choice of two Sweetgreens near the Logan Square outpost. Have at ‘em!

Best Healthy Eats Near City Fitness Fishtown

Snap Kitchen
1325 Frankford Avenue
All Snap Kitchen locations in Philly carry (mostly) the same products, so expect to find what you’d get at the Rittenhouse outpost mentioned above.

Good Spoon Soupery
1400 North Front Street
This cute corner cafe slings seasonal soups (think: grass-fed beef chili and butternut squash with apple and ginger) and salads, along with a slew of baked goods. They post their menu to Instagram daily and conveniently label everything gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free when applicable.

Front Street Cafe
2053 North Front Street
If you’re in a rush, stop at this spot’s smoothie bar (the matcha mint chip is bangin’). They also have table service if you’re going to stick around for longer. The menu is all plant-based unless it indicates otherwise with a cheese or animal symbol, and the buffalo cauliflower is never a bad idea.

1530 Frankford Avenue
This newly opened Lebanese restaurant has plenty for the healthy-leaning set. The cold-case offers a slew of hummuses and grain salads to take away, or you can sit down for a breakfast or lunch treat of baba ganoush and pita still hot from the oven.

La Colombe
1335 Frankford Avenue
If you can steer clear of the more indulgent items behind the glass case (lookin’ at you, oh-so-gooey chocolate chip cookies), La Colombe’s Fishtown kitchen has plenty of healthy post-workout fuel for you to choose from. My go-to is two eggs scrambled with a side of kale, but the lox plate isn’t a bad choice either.

Best Healthy Eats Near City Fitness Northern Liberties

Soy Cafe
630 North 2nd Street
The spot serves up a ton of wraps, soups, and sandwiches, many of which are vegan (you could probably tell by the name, right?).

Bimini Juice Bar and Salad Bar
807 North 2nd Street
This cute spot has a lengthy list of juices and smoothies to rehydrate with, along with a big menu of wraps (avocado lovers, let it be known: they have an avocado wrap), salads, acai bowls and more.

Poke Bowl
958 North 2nd Street
This Hawaiian specialty, a bowl of marinated tuna or salmon served over your choice of rice or greens and topped with everything from avocado to seaweed to spicy mayo, is the stuff post-workout dreams are made of.

Stripp’d Juice
263 North 3rd Street
The creative smoothie bowls at this spot double as Instagram-worthy stars. Think: a sky blue majik bowl topped with your choice of superfoods, like goji berries and hemp seeds, or a bright green matcha bowl topped with fruit. Not to worry, non-adventurous smoothie-bowl lovers: They’ve also got plain ol’ acai.

Penn Herb
601 North 2nd Street
This corner market, known for its bulk herbs and herbal extractions, has a food market portion of the store that is totally underrated: You’ll find all sorts of healthy, organic goodies, including a cold-case filled with tea tonics and kombuchas, along with plenty of snacks.

Best Healthy Eats Near City Fitness South Philly

Chayya Cafe
1819 East Passyunk Avenue
This all-day cafe has your typical coffee-shop stuff (lattes, teas, etc.) along with a long lineup of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, plus egg scrambles. And get this: Their build-your-own breakfast sandwich starts at $2.75.

1917 East Passyunk Avenue
This spot, which has a number of locations across the city, is known for its menu being almost entirely under 500 calories. Meaning: You can walk out feeling confident you didn’t just sabotage your sweat session.

Best Healthy Eats Near City Fitness Graduate Hospital

Honey’s Sit N Eat
2101 South Street
This is for all you early-morning gym rats: The breakfast special here is pretty unbeatable. For five bucks, you get two eggs cooked however you like ‘em, your choice of a latke, home fries or grits, and toast, plus coffee. Yes: All that for $5.

257 South 20th Street
This grab-and-go juice and smoothie spot is great for rehydrating, along with getting your adaptogen fix: They have concoctions made with trendy add-ins like maca and ashwagandha. Their seasonal drinks (hi, pumpkin pie smoothie) are not to be missed, either.

Pure Fare
119 South 21st Street
This entirely gluten-free go-to (they make their own gluten-free bread in-house daily, and it’s truly the bomb) slings ready-made salads, sandwiches, soups and more, all designed with health in mind. They’ve also got made-to-order smoothies and hot drinks, plus baked goods that will knock your socks off. (Heyyy, sweet potato brownie.)