10 Delicious Fall Foods and Drinks in Philly You Need to Order ASAP

‘Tis the season for prancing around in piles of fallen leaves and drowning our insides in all things pumpkin-spice flavored. (#Basic and proud.) Below, 10 fall foods and drinks around Philly that you should be eating right now, from the healthier options, like pumpkin-laced smoothies and lower-sugar PSLs, to pumpkin-spiced milkshakes and donuts. Enjoy!

Order: Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Where: HipCityVeg, multiple locations
Fall flavor rating: 5/5 pumpkins

Fall FoodsThis frozen, slurpable take on pumpkin pie may be vegan, but trust: That doesn’t mean it isn’t indulgent. Made with organic soy ice cream and all the pumpkin-pie spices, this bad boy is truly decadent—even more so if you pair it with one of their Ziggy burgers. (BRB, drooling too much to type.)

Order: Pumpkin Pie Cupcake
Where: Sweet Freedom Bakery, 1424 South Street and 1039 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr
Fall flavor rating: 5/5 pumpkins

Fall FoodsThis bakery is the spot for allergen-free baked goods. Everything in the shop is—this is a mouthful—gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, egg-free, corn-free, peanut-free, refined sugar-free, and kosher. I told you: A mouthful. And their pumpkin pie cupcakes are a favorite for the fall months, so if you’re in search of an allergen-free fall treat, you know where to go!

Order: Special slice
Where: Pizza Shackamaxon, 115 East Girard Avenue
Fall flavor rating: 3/5 pumpkins

Fall Foods
Photo by Lena Parsell

When looking to satisfy a savory seasonal craving, the Special pie at this spot, which took over Pizzeria Beddia a couple months back, pretty much always features seasonal ingredients. And in the fall, you know what that means: squash.

Order: Whatever fall creation they have that day
Where: Dottie’s Donuts, 4529 Springfield Avenue and 509 South 6th Street
Fall flavor rating: 3/5 pumpkins and up

Fall FoodsDottie’s Donuts, known for their super-indulgent vegan donuts, switches up their offerings regularly, but they’ve had plenty of fall-inspired picks (pumpkin mocha, pumpkin cream cheese-filled with maple glaze, maple ginger-oh) on the roster recently. So drop in and take your pick.

Order: Great Pumpkin Smoothie
Where: Sip-N-Glo Juicery, multiple locations
Fall flavor rating: 5/5 pumpkins

Fall FoodsI had a coworker who used to go broke for this smoothie every year, ordering it every day it was available throughout the season. And let me tell you, made with pumpkin and Sip-N-Glo’s own pumpkin spice blend, it’s truly a smoothie worth going broke for. If you’re drooling, you’re going to want to get this one fast. They’ll switch their special smoothie to Chai Spice come November.

Order: Butternut Squash Arancini
Where: Barbuzzo, 110 South 13th Street
Fall flavor rating: 4/5 pumpkins

Fall foodsThe only thing that could possibly make fried risotto balls more delicious than they already are? A hint of sweetness from butternut squash melding with ooey-gooey cheese. Yes, please!

Order: Pumpkin Cheesecake Blondie
Where: Cake Life, 1306 Frankford Avenue
Fall flavor rating: 4/5 pumpkins

Fall FoodsThis Fishtown bakery, perhaps best known for producing Queen Bey’s birthday cake last year, has plenty of seasonal treats on deck. When in doubt or suffering from decision paralysis, go for this always-winner, the pumpkin-y cheesecake blondie. It is a square-shaped slice of heaven and you will not regret it.

Order: Apple Cider Donuts
Where: Anywhere you go apple picking
Fall flavor rating: 5/5 pumpkins

Fall Foods

Pretty much every local pick-your-own-produce farm gets in on the apple cider donut action during these fall months. And you’ll need a snack for the drive home, so it’s only smart to grab one on your way out.

Order: Pecan Pie French Toast
Where: Green Eggs Cafe, multiple locations
Fall flavor rating: 4/5 pumpkins

Fall FoodsCome Thanksgiving, there’s always an argument with my family members over pie flavors: pecan or pumpkin? But at Green Eggs, you can get their vegan take on a very indulgent pecan pie French toast whenever you damn well please.

Order: La Colombe Pumpkin Draft Latte
Where: Anywhere it’s sold (La Colombe and various grocery stores)
Fall flavor rating: 5/5 pumpkins

Photo by Alexander Mansour

We can’t create a fall food and drink list without including a PSL, but this isn’t just any PSL. Made by local coffee juggernaut La Colombe, this canned bad boy is made with real pumpkin puree and contains less than half the sugar as a PSL from Starbucks.

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