6 Lunch Boxes That Will Make You Want to Meal Prep

There’s a New Year’s resolution that I’m pretty sure is universal and it goes a little something like this: “Start batch cooking or meal-prepping for the week. No, really, DO IT, so you don’t spend the bulk of your annual disposable income at Sweetgreen — AGAIN. FOR REAL THIS YEAR.” Raise your hand if this very goal is on your New Year’s resolutions list. All of you? Okay. Same.

I have a confession, though: I make this resolution every single year and have pretty much always failed at it around week two of the new year. (Who’s with me?) But maybe what I’ve been missing is the perfect vessel for transporting my lunches: A lunch box that won’t leak all over my work bag like every container I’ve ever purchased from Marshall’s, or make me feel like a five-year-old in a full-grown person’s body. After all, if you’ve got a great lunch box, you’ll want to use it, right? And, thus, you’ll want to prepare your work lunches for the week come Sunday morning, right? That’s my logic, anyway. So below, six functional (but not fugly — because there are a LOT of fugly lunch boxes out there, people) lunch boxes that will encourage you to turn your meal-prepping dreams into reality. May the force be with us all.

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6 of Our Favorite Meal Prep Boxes

1) Unichart Stainless Steel Lunch Box

UnichartThis tri-level stackable lunch box is a star when it comes to versatility: You can use all three stainless steel containers or pare down to just one or two on lighter meal days. If you need your soup to stay warm or your fruit to stay cold beyond your commute, this lunch set also comes with an insulated bag. $30; find it here.

2) Bentgo Salad Container

BentgoGo ahead and wave goodbye to soggy, slimy, totally sad lunch salads. This BPA-free salad container has one large compartment for your greens and a second tray compartment to store toppings, along with a container for your dressing. Come time to eat, just throw it all together and shake. $15; find it here.

3) ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Stainless Steel Food Container Set

ECOlunchboxThis cute three-in-one stainless steel lunch box is perfect for the snacking set: With three compartments, you can mix and match a sandwich with a grain salad and sauteed veggies to munch on throughout the day. Just note: These containers won’t keep your food warm or cold. $34; find it here.

4) Hydro Flask 12-oz. Leak-Proof Thermos Jar

Hydro FlaskThese bad boys, often used by the camping crowd, are perfect for anyone who contentedly makes a big batch of soup or quinoa chili then chows down on it all week long. Just heat your serving of soup, throw it into the flask, and it’ll stay hot for up to three hours after you head out the door. Meaning: Your soup of choice will likely still be warm when your stomach starts growling for lunch. $29.95; find it here.

5) Smart Planet Collapsible Eco Meal Kit

Smart PlanetIf you’re always running from work to a post-work happy hour or networking event and hate lugging around a bulky lunch box, this collapsible take is for you. The BPA-free, three-compartment lunch set drops to half its size after you’ve eaten lunch, so you can throw in in a work bag and barely notice it’s there. $9; find it here.

6) Mairico Premium Bento Lunch Box

MairicoAnyone who has ever fallen down the deep, deep mommy-blogger Instagram hole (my hand is raised VERY high) knows just how mesmerizing a bento box lunch — which is usually made up of a slew of compartmentalized dishes and snacks — can be. And the more Instagram-worthy your lunch, the more likely you’ll pack it, am I right? $20; find it here.