How to Plan, Prep and Execute Healthy Meals for the Week

Meal prep is super important! It may seem silly, but if you want to make your week easier and stick to a healthy diet, then this is the way to do it. The key is planning to make easy, healthy meals. Leftovers are going to become your best friend. By changing your “menu” each week, you won’t get tired of any healthy meal!

4 Tips for Planning Healthy Meals:

1) Stick to the basics. A healthy carbohydrate base, plenty of veggies and a serving of protein – this may seem boring or obvious, but there are tons of combinations you can make with this!

2) Carbohydrate bases include quinoa, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc.

3) Add a dressing or sauce for added flavor and change it up on a regular basis.

4) Pick big batch recipes that could be made in a large pan or crockpot.

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3 Tips for Prepping Healthy Meals:

healthy meals1) Make it a point to have an hour once a week to prep and have BPA free container or glass containers for organization.

2) Stick to your grocery list! You don’t want to have food waste or fall for any of the junk.

3) Chop, roast, sauté and steam all your veggies for the week, marinate and prep your proteins, cook your grains.

The best part of meal prepping is having everything ready to go in a container in the fridge. Take it to work or pull it out for dinner. All you have to do is heat it up! My favorite meal prepped meals include soups/stews, quinoa bowls, and big salads. Tip: Use a large mason jar for salads with the dressing and the bottom followed by the toppings and greens on top.

What are you waiting for?! You will no longer have to scramble to put something together for dinner or end up going out because you have nothing to eat. Enjoy!