14 Healthy Food Hack Ideas for Your Next Game Day Party
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Football season is upon us! E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! This means tailgating, lounging, drinking, and eating. You don’t have to get off track to enjoy watching a game. There are plenty of healthy food hack ideas to get you through another season of football. The best advice I can give it bring something you know is healthy. Bring a dish to the tailgate or viewing party that will hold you over if nothing else is available. My second best advice is to lay off the alcohol. I know it’s hard, but those calories will add up faster than Eagles fans joined Wentz wagon. Have a couple of drinks, drink water in between and have some low-calorie drink options available as well.

14 Healthy Food Hack Ideas That Will be a Total Game Winner:

8 Health-Conscious Snacks and Apps:

  1. Hummus and vegetables
  2. Greek yogurt dip and pita chips
  3. Fruit salad
  4. Corn and black bean salsa
  5. Salsa and baked tortilla chips
  6. Layered taco dip
  7. Crackers and low-fat cheese
  8. Unbuttered popcorn

I’m sure your appetizer board on Pinterest has some healthy options dying to be made in real life! Get creative and make sure you still have plenty of fruits and vegetables on game day. If you ensure that you have something healthy to start off with then you will be more likely to stick with it throughout the game.

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6 Foodie Hacks to Make You the Party MVP:

  1. Grill or bake your meat instead of frying
  2. Buy whole wheat buns instead of regular buns
  3. Top your burger with vegetables and avocado in place of condiments
  4. Make soup or chili with extra vegetables once it gets cold outside
  5. Use Greek yogurt in place of sour cream in dips
  6. Use fruit in your desserts instead of only sugar

Most importantly don’t binge, but also don’t deprive yourself. Game day may be your time to indulge but do it mindfully and with good intentions. Studies have shown that those who indulge mindfully are more likely to stay on track!