The Smoothie Blueprint That Will Actually Keep You Full

Making a smoothie is a lot like making a salad: Many of us simply throw together a bunch of whatever veggies and fruits happen to be in our fridge from our last farmers’ market haul and pray to the food gods that the haphazard concoction will keep us full. But then, the 10 a.m. hanger pangs hit. Say it with me: NOOOOOOOO.

I was once one of these people who did not know how to concoct a smoothie that satisfied the two simple requirements of a smoothie worth drinking: tastes not-like-garbage and is filling. (Hey, it’s harder than it sounds!) Until, that is, I discovered Be Well By Kelly’s Fab 4 smoothie formula.

Smoothie Formula

The brains behind the super-popular smoothie formula (just search #fab4smoothie on Instagram to see thousands of Instagram odes) is Kelly LeVeque, a nutritionist who helps mold the diets of celebs like Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Emmy Rossum and more. The smoothies use her Fab 4 philosophy, which aims to get the Fab 4—protein, fat, fiber and greens—into every meal.

You can see the full explanation of the Fab 4 smoothie formula on Kelly LeVeque’s website here. But basically, it goes like this: Throw 1 serving of protein (protein powder works), 1 serving of fiber (chia and flax seeds are popular picks), a quarter cup of fruit, 1 to 2 tablespoons of fat (nut butters and avocado are good options), all the greens your heart desires, and your liquid of choice into a blender. BAM: You’ve got yourself a smoothie that is specifically designed to deliver a boatload of nutrients while maintaining your blood sugar levels and keeping you full, which means no 10 a.m. hunger pangs will haunt you ever again. Hallelujah.

While this combination might not seem like rocket science to some of you out there, I’ve found that many of my health coaching clients who are too busy for a sit-down breakfast find this smoothie blueprint to be super helpful. (Busy-person tip: You can even make your smoothie the night before, freeze it, and whip it out in the morning.)

And if you want to do even less work, LeVeque has plenty of Fab 4 smoothie recipes on her website that take thinking completely out of the equation.

Cheers to a summer filled with smoothies that actually fill you up!


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