Why “Detoxing” Doesn’t Work
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It’s the new year, and a good portion of your Facebook feed is going to be cluttered with people bragging about their detox or covered with ads for new juice cleanses.

Newsflash: detoxing and cleanses don’t work.

Detoxing doesn't workThe idea that you can flush toxins out of your system with a green juice or a particular supplement is a scam. Not to mention there is no such thing as “superfoods.” Any fresh food packed with nutrients can be considered a superfood. Our body already detoxes for us – that’s why we have a liver and kidneys. Your kidneys filter blood and remove waste and excess water from your body. Your liver breaks down chemicals and toxins.

The only logic to a detox or cleanse is that a person will likely be replacing their fries and milkshake with something of more nutritional value. The reason people like the idea of a detox or cleanse is to get healthier and start fresh. You can do this without buying into a detox. Make a conscious decision to eat healthier, make a meal plan and you will feel better. This is because you will be getting all those awesome nutrients from what you’re eating instead of wasting meals on empty calories.

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If you’re going to try a juice cleanse, regardless of my advice, make sure you are still getting healthy fats, protein and fiber in your diet during those days. Juices are literally just carbohydrates without any fiber. Try replacing one snack a day with 4-8 ounces of a green juice per day instead of going all out. Remember there is always a friendly dietitian to help you reach your goals without falling for a detox or cleanse.