Beat-the-Heat: Cold Recipes

The heat is here, and that means my motivation to cook is nowhere to be found. As the weather gets warmer, I am more and more inclined to make food that requires little to no cooking and will help cool me down. A hot dinner on a hot day? Probably not. Check out these recipe ideas from around the web. Plus, I’ll share a couple of my favorite cold recipes.

Delicious Summer Meals with Minimal Cooking!

Cold soups are definitely a winner when it comes to light summer fare. Try this Cold Southwestern Corn and Shrimp Soup from Martha Stewart. Or this Chilled White Gazpacho Soup from Bobby Flay should do the trick.

Some recipes that require just a tiny bit of cooking are okay for the summer in my book. You could try this Tri-Colore Orzo and add some protein from Giada De Laurentiis or break out the grill and make this Summer Chicken Salad from Ree Drummond.

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If you’re good at meal prepping or have time to make a meal early in the day, then you should give ceviche a try! While there are tons of recipes and different takes on ceviche out there, the best is classic Peruvian ceviche. Now I may be biased, but this is a must try summer recipe!


Of course, the easiest summer meal is a nice big, fresh salad! You can get creative with this. No need for a recipe. Use lots of greens, fresh chopped vegetables, beans for protein if you don’t want to cook anything and top with nuts and seeds for some crunch. Grab your favorite salad dressing, and you’re set.

Another easy meal is a hummus or cheese platter. This requires no cooking at all! Set up a beautiful platter and you’ll want to dive right in. Choose cheeses, spreads, and dippers, like fresh vegetable and bread. Plus, you can add some different cured meats for extra protein. A glass of wine on the side will make it extra special.

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