Top 3 Alternatives to Combat Your Morning Coffee Addiction

Trust us, we love our morning coffee as much as the next person. That morning java not only keeps you alert in the AM but also when served hot, can keep you warm in the morning during those winter months. Unfortunately, with the high bursts of energy can also come jitters and a hard afternoon crash. So to help avoid the downfalls of coffee, here are a few alternatives to try that are equally as tasteful with more benefits to keep you going strong throughout the day.

3 Warm Alternative to Your Morning Coffee:

1) Hot Chocolate (Made with Dark Cocoa)

Powdered hot chocolate packs are a mixture of cocoa, dry milk, and sugars.  When prepared naturally with extra chocolate and less sugar, the benefits increase greatly. Research shows that flavanols – plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate – help to fight off fatigue and improve mental sharpness.

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2) Tea Lattes

Tumeric and Green tea lattes are packed with antioxidants which aid in overall wellness. Green tea is also said to help rid eye puffiness and aid in weight loss as it has fat burning properties.  For recipes, click HERE.

3) Hot Fruit Drinks

Hot fruit drinks made with lemon or blood oranges are packed with nutrients and vitamins that help focus, weight loss, and control high blood pressure. For great hot fruit drink recipes click HERE.