5-Ingredient Dinner Recipes Every Busy Person Should Bookmark

Nothing sends a tired and apprehensive cook running to their UberEats app quite like a recipe with a page-long list of ingredients. That’s where these five-ingredient recipes come in handy. They are all super-simple, but still flavorful and satisfying, and I repeat: Each recipe requires no more than five ingredients, not including pantry staples like olive oil, salt and pepper.

Our suggestion: Read through ‘em, drool a little bit, then bookmark these five-ingredient recipes for busy weeks when intricate dinners are just not in the cards. (So, um, every week?)

Pesto Chicken Stuffed Peppers

This simple recipe calls for store-bought pesto (if you were feeling ambitious, you could totally make your own) to be mixed with quinoa and shredded chicken and stuffed into peppers before popping ‘em in the oven. EASY, right?

Grilled Halibut and Bok Choy with Coconut-Lime Dressing

It’s almost hard to believe a dinner that feels this fancy requires just a handful of ingredients, but sometimes the Bon Appétit gods bless us with miracles. (Excuse me while I do a happy dance.) This coconutty take on fish uses a grill, but if you don’t have an old George Foreman stuffed in a cabinet, you can also cook the fish in a pan on the stovetop.

5-Ingredient White Chicken Chili

Before you get concerned by the word “chili”: This isn’t a complicated, 57-ingredient chili. This is a 15-minute, five-ingredient, truly hassle-free chili that is sure to become a staple in any lazy cook’s kitchen. You can serve this on its own or over brown rice to beef it up.

Mushroom and Asparagus Frittata

Photo by Iain Bagwell

This recipe is a true winner. Not only does it require just five ingredients, but it also makes four to six servings, meaning, if you’re cooking for one or two, whipping this up on the early end of the week gets you a couple of dinners or lunches. To bulk it up, pair a slice of the frittata with a side salad, roasted sweet potatoes, or grains, like quinoa.

5-Ingredient Shrimp and “Grits”

This play on shrimp and grits, Whole30 and Paleo-friendly, works in a three-ingredient cauliflower mash for the “grits” element and some easy cajun-spiced shrimp to throw on top for a simple but super-flavorful meal. Add in some sauteed greens for a more colorful plate and you’ve got yourself a bangin’ dinner.

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