The 4 Dos and Don’ts of Workout Dates

Dating and exercise, a match made in heaven (or at least your local gym). Workout dates have become so trendy that there are dating sites dedicated to connecting physically active people. Listen we get it; workout dates can seem intimidating and somewhat intrusive. Sometimes getting sweaty with your love interest at a gym you consider your personal sanctuary isn’t ideal. So why should everyone consider workout dates?

Science, that’s why. Research shows that exercise-induced endorphins can put you in a happier mood and increase sex drive! Not just that, but apparently couples who try new things together keep up good chemistry.

So Now That You Know Why: Here’s How to Pull Off the Best Workout Dates Ever:

1) Try Something New for the Both of You

Nothing can make someone feel more alone than having a partner not willing to try, or an overly competitive partner that just wants to show off. When deciding on which activity to choose, pick one you both have experience with or something that neither of you has tried before. Trying out a new activity together can make for a stronger connection.

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2) Choose an Activity That Best Fits Your Relationship Personality

For more competitive couples, try paintballing. Playing a colorful game of cat and mouse can be romantic, a great way to work up a sweat, and get down and dirty. For couples that want to build up their teamwork, taking dance lessons may be a better option. And if you happen to belong to the rhythmless nation, no worries; try accomplishing a fitness goal together, like bike riding to a far away destination.

3) Be Prepared!

People who are regularly physically active know the importance of wearing the right attire, having the right amount of hydration, and knowing when to call it quits. This is especially important for workout dating. Ladies, it is important that you are prepared to sweat; so fresh faces (you don’t want runny makeup) and pulled back hair is a must. Fellas, if you are known to have fuming feet, bring the right amount of gold bond and sneakers that don’t smell like they’ve been through war. For all outdoor activities, prepare for the weather and since working out can work up an appetite, leave room and time to freshen up before going out to eat.