6 Pros to Working Out Outside

As the weather gets warmer, it gets more and more difficult to think about staying inside for your workout. There is no excuse to skip a workout even if it’s beautiful outside. There are so many reasons why you should just take your workout outside!

6 Reasons to Get Outside for a Work Out

1) You Will Likely Exercise Longer

The combination of fresh air and scenery is the perfect distraction. You may find yourself doubling your workout time without even thinking about it.

2) You Might Burn More Calories

Your body gets used to treadmills and ellipticals, but you never know what to expect from a new trail or terrain. Nature will throw in some wind, hot temperatures, and other variables to change up your activity level.

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3) You Can Get Creative

Learn to use park benches, stairs, ramps and terrain to your benefit. You can work your mind while working your body. Try pushups, triceps dips and box jumps on a bench. Try lunges or sprints on stairs or a ramp. I bet you can come up with a few yourself.

4) You Could Meet New People

Many gyms offer outdoor classes as the weather gets nicer. Try a new class or a new trainer, and you could find yourself with a new friend!

5) You Can Work Out Whenever You Want

If you can’t make it to a class or you feel like changing up your schedule, you can work out on a whim. Make time for your outdoor workout, and you won’t have to worry about being on time.

6) You Will Be Happier

Soak up all that vitamin D and fresh air! The outdoors will give you more energy and vitamin D can improve your mood.

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