Why Should You Be a Part of #MyCityMoves?

I hate gyms. I’m a runner. I live for the open air, the rhythm of my feet on the pavement, the sights, and sounds as I explore my city. To me, gyms are places for protein shakes, pick-up lines, and glamor muscles. I didn’t want anything to do with that…

Ok, let’s rewind a bit. My name is Jon Lyons, and I’m the founder of RUN215 – one of The Greater Philadelphia region’s largest online running resources. I began running as a way to overcome addiction. RUN215 started as a platform to unite people from all different walks of life into a living, breathing community. Less than three years later, RUN215 boasts over 8,000 members from all over the Philadelphia area. A strong community is what makes us successful. Each member believes in themselves, their goals, and each other. We’re all running in the same direction. I never saw that kind of togetherness from a gym, so I never had much consideration for them.

“We’re tired of seeing our city listed as the unhealthiest in America, so we’re doing something about it.”

mycitymovesSo yeah, I hate gyms, yet this will be my second year as an influencer for the #MyCityMoves campaign, and my first working for City Fitness Philly. I made this leap because there is something happening that is so much bigger than a gym. City Fitness is building a community. We want to make Philadelphia fitter together. We’re tired of seeing our city listed as the unhealthiest in America, so we’re doing something about it. I joined the team to help make this goal a reality.

Why Should You Be a Part of #MyCityMoves? I’ve Got 4 Pretty Good Reasons:

1. You could win a bunch of money. We have over $10,000 up for grabs. All you gotta do is workout.

2. You’ll have access to exclusive #MyCityMoves events. Ever been to a silent disco dance workout in the middle of the city? How about a boot camp overlooking the skyline? Well, get ready…

mycitymoves3. You’re helping us build a stronger Philadelphia. You already know what I know. Fitness means we have reduced stress, better sleep, more productivity, better sex, healthier relationships, more self-confidence, weight loss, more energy. Let’s show the rest of the city what they’re missing.

4. You’ll be better for it. Using the MYZONE technology will make you push even harder to accomplish your goals. You’ll be on a live leaderboard with myself and a bunch of other fitness influencers, and going head to head with hundreds of other participants. You’ll be pushing yourself to new heights, and you’ll get results.

What are you waiting for? You can register for #MyCityMoves HERE!