5 Foolproof Tips for Mastering One-Armed Push Ups

Whether you’re looking to score major points with your gym crush or you simply want to prove to yourself that you really are a total badass, learning to dominate one-armed push-ups is definitely something that can be done. Perfecting this advanced move takes a lot of practice and strength but once you get there, you’ll feel on top of the world. Check out these helpful (and sometimes challenging) tips to help improve your push up game.

5 Easy Steps to Mastering One-Armed Push-Ups

1) Get Your Feet In Order

One-armed Push-upsFinding the right foot width is important when trying to execute a true one-armed push-up. While you may be used to keeping those legs close together with a more traditional two-handed move, it’s time to spread ’em a bit more here. Start practicing with your feet in a wide stance at first, then get narrower over time.

2) Switch Your Grip

Before you start doing your best “one-armed man” impressions at the gym, you’ll need to master the traditional push-up form. For an intermediate step, try bringing your hand’s closer together for a close-grip push-up. It gives you a similar hand position to the one-armed push-ups and once you can do 20 or 30 in a row, you know you’re ready to move on.

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3) Elevated One-Arms  

This modified version is almost as good as the real thing. Think of it like a generic version of your favorite cookie. Same calorie count, slightly less flavorful. Try this move by placing your pushing arm on an elevated surface like a bench or table to keep your hand higher than your feet. Place your free arm behind your back or against your leg and go!

4) The Self-Assist  

You’re almost there! This modified move allows you to use your secondary arm to assist your pushing arm by either reaching it out on your side or placing it on a slightly elevated surface. This helps you to rely as little as possible on the secondary arm while still using it as a bit of a safety net. Over time, you should come to rely on it less and less.

5) Negative One-Arm

This one will have you feeling like the David Blaine of your gym but is super effective in getting you to the brink of true one-armed push-ups. Practice this move by getting as low as possible to push through to the bottom of your push up. Once you’re there, simply use your other hand and push yourself back up with both arms.

Push yourself and find your perfect form. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or you like to think that you’re already a star athlete, perfecting one-armed push-ups can take some time. Just remember to have fun, be patient and don’t be afraid to get back up when you fall down!