HIIT Workout: 3 Best Moves for Amazing Summer Abs

Photo by: P//G – The Pallet Group

Fitness buffs across the nation officially have fallen head over heels in love with High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Whether you’re simply trying to work up a sweat when every machine at the gym is taken up or want to get your fitness on while on a camping trip with friends, a HIIT workout are perfect for anyone who is short on time or sick of waiting for a treadmill.

3 Workout Moves to Add to Your HIIT Workout For Rockin’ Abs!

HIIT workouts consist of short bursts of movement with repetitive steps that get your heart rate up quickly and an equal amount of cool down time. Perfect for people on a tight schedule, HIIT workouts can usually be completed in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Are you on a mission to get sexy, beach abs just in time for summer but can’t seem to schedule a session with your personal trainer 6 days a week? Try adding these 3 moves to your HIIT workout to take your midsection from perfectly adequate to Serena Williams’ level awesomeness in no time at all.

1) Russian Twist

Lie down with feet firmly planted on the floor and legs bent at the knees. Create a V-shape by elevating your upper body and extend arms out fully, perpendicular to your torso. While breathing out and with hands clasped, begin to twist your torso to either side while the core is engaged, until arms are parallel to the floor. Hold position for one second, then breathe out and move back to start position. Alternate sides and repeat.

2) Flutter Kicks

Lay down flat on your exercise mat with arms extended at your side and palms facing down. Extend legs out fully with a slight bend in the knees. Next, lift both heels about 6 inches off the mat and make small, scissor-like motions up and down with your legs. Focus on engaging your core and keeping abs contracted during the flutter kicks. Rest and repeat.


3) Bicycle Crunch

Lay down flat on the mat with your lower back pressed firmly down and legs extended. Place hands at either side of the head without interlocking fingers. With core engaged, lift knees to a 45-degree angle. Lift shoulders and knees in a bicycle motion until elbows and knees nearly meet, alternating in a cross-body motion and holding the position for 1-to-2 seconds. Opposite leg should be extended above mat during bicycle motions. Continue crunches for several repetitions then rest and repeat.


Try HIIT Training Today to Achieve a Toned Summer Body

Whether you’re working out on your own or with a trainer, these simple yet challenging HIIT moves may be your ticket to flaunting a killer body this summer. They’re appropriate for people of all different skill levels and can easily be modified to be less or more intense, based on your needs. Don’t hide behind excuses this year when it’s time to head to the beach. Instead, start incorporating these ab-centric HIIT moves into your regular fitness routine now to quickly begin seeing results.