Train Like The Pros With Thrive Functional Training

Go into a spinning class, and everyone is doing the same routine. While there’s a lot to be said for group workouts — most notably how fun it is to participate with friends — some exercise enthusiasts may want a plan that’s specifically tailored to their needs. That’s the great advantage of Thrive functional training, one of the hottest new workout routines in the country. What makes Thrive such a winning model?

The Greatness of Thrive Functional Training

Expert Expertise

Thrive Functional TrainingNothing compares to getting the best advice in the business. Some gyms only offer a person to hand out towels; Thrive training goes well beyond the basics to help each participant get exactly what they need. Each Thrive trainer has their own particular expertise with intense exercise, and each will be able to develop a plan that fits an individual’s needs. Thrive trainers can help to become better at a sport, at a routine, or just at the daily challenges of life. When you’re tired of getting a canned response to fitness questions, Thrive trainers help find with their breadth of knowledge and experience.

All In One

Why go from workout to workout and train only one part of your body? Thrive goes well beyond the normal routines of arm day and leg day. Rather than work a specific part, Thrive routines allow for comprehensive workouts where every muscle in the body feels sore the next day. The goal of Thrive is to get your movement level to its maximum — not to simply look good in a swimsuit but to be as capable as possible of performing physical activity in any situation. That’s how it gets the name Thrive: participants can push themselves to their limits each day.

Proven Success

If you’ve ever seen shows about how Olympic athletes train, you know that they mean serious business. The success story of Thrive is partly the success story of some of the greatest athletes in the world because it’s the brainchild of Mike Boyle, who lists on his resume serving as the coach for the 2013 World Champion Boston Red Sox and the Silver medal winning USA Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team. Boyle’s system works to get the most out of professional athletes, which is why it works for those who are closer to being a couch potato than playing in the big leagues.

Your Rules

What do you want to get out of a training session? It’s a question rarely asked by some gyms. That uniqueness sets Thrive functional training apart: rather than tell participants what to expect; Thrive allows people to tailor their workout to their personal preferences. Whether you want to drop a few pant sizes or have more energy for a long weekend with the family or be able to lead your softball league in homers, Thrive has answers for your workout questions.

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