3 Philly-Area Fun Runs to Have on Your Radar This Summer

Let’s face facts: Besting your PR on a blistering hot day in the middle of July is probably not going to happen, which is why summer is less a time for serious, give-it-your-all races and more a time for fun runs. Below, three Philly-area summer fun runs—from an ice cream challenge to a bounce-house-filled course—that will keep you moving and smiling from June through August.

So, you tackled Broad Street. Now what? Here, three slightly-less-serious fun runs to keep you moving all summer long.


 The Inflatable Run

When: Saturday, June 23, at Citizens Bank Park
Cost: Registration for 5K starts at $25 for adults

Think of this 5K course as the moonbounce experience of your dreams: The three-mile course is made up of a one-mile string of bounce houses that you tackle three times. I told you: a dream. And it’s not your typical race-style 5K—you can choose to tackle the obstacle course three times back-to-back or go through the course once, enjoy the coinciding run festivities for a bit, then hit the course again. Long story short: This is a true fun run—don’t go for competition, just go to feel like a four-year-old again.

Bassett’s Eat & Run 5K

When: Sunday, July 15, at Citizens Bank Park
Cost: $35 for adults

This timed 5K, held on National Ice Cream Day, is not for the faint of heart. Your challenge is this: run the first half of the 5K, stop to eat a pint of ice cream as fast as you can, then run the second half of the race (without puking, preferably). Like I said, not for the faint of heart, but definitely earns you some unique bragging rights.

Rugged Maniac 5K

When: Saturday, August 4, at Maple Grove Raceway
Cost: $49

This 5K run, which requires a slight trek to Mohnton, is made up of over 25 obstacles, including walls you’ll scale, inflatable slides, and fire you’ll jump over. Yeah: It’s kind of intense. But all that struggle is worth it come the after-party festivities, complete with beer, mechanical bulls, DJs, and … pie eating contests? Yep: There are pie-eating contests involved. This is definitely the most difficult of the trio of races covered here, but also comes with the most reward—because beer and pie at the finish line, people.


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