The Ultimate Full-Body Stretching Routine

Very few of us can honestly say we always make time to stretch at the end of each workout, but it’s incredibly important. Stretching after exercise helps your muscles return to their pre-workout state so they can recover from that beast-ing you gave them in the gym.

Flexibility training, in general, can increase your range of movement, improve your posture, help to ease exercise-related muscle aches and even help prevent injury, so it’s totally worth taking the time to include stretching as a regular feature in your workout routine.

Always make sure you warm up thoroughly before stretching though. A great way to get started is to make an effort to include some stretches at the end of each workout, so your muscles are warm and will benefit fully from the stretches.

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This full body stretching routine is perfect to add onto the end of a workout, and if you really want to work on your mobility and flexibility then adding yoga to your weekly routine would be a great way to take it to the next level. For now, though, this is an easy way to begin with some simple stretches in a routine that should take around 20 minutes to complete.

Take your time with it – don’t rush, and make sure you maintain correct form. For each stretch, reach only a point of mild discomfort and then focus on allowing your muscles to lengthen by relaxing into the stretch as you exhale. It should not be painful. Hold each stretch (without bouncing) for 10-30 seconds.

Try This Full-Body Stretching Routine After Your Next Workout!

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1) The Deep Quad Stretch

full-body stretch

2) The Kneeling Hip Flexors Stretch

full-body stretch

3) The Hamstrings Stretch


4) The Glutes Stretch

full-body stretch

5) The Lat Stretch (Releases Lower Back Tension!)

full-body stretch

6) Pain Relieving Lower Back Stretch

full-body stretch

7) Side Deltoids Stretch

full-body stretch

8) Posture- Saving Chest Stretch

full-body stretch

9) The Classic Triceps Stretch

full-body stretch

10) The Best Biceps Stretch

full-body stretch