5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Workout
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Do you get the feeling that your standard gym routine isn’t doing the trick anymore? After months of working out the same muscles, you begin to plateau, and the benefits start to wane. To avoid this decline, experts suggest switching up your routine every 6-8 weeks or working out certain muscle families on different days at a time. These time periods can be subjective, but the body gives sure signs to let you know it is time for an upgrade. 

Here are 5 signs that NOW is the time to update your workout routine:

1. Your Workout Becomes Easy:

update your workoutRemember when you were struggling to pick up those weights? Well, now you breeze through those arm curls without breaking a sweat, which is a sure sign that you’ve plateaued. Chances are your heart rate is no longer as high as it used to be during that workout. Try increasing the weight class or switching up the actual exercise itself. If you get that struggle back, you’re on the right track.

2. You No Longer Feel Sore After Your Workout:

Feeling sore after a workout is usually a sign that you’ve broken down your muscles enough to rebuild. The constant tearing of muscle tissue is how you push your body to its limits. If you no longer feel sore abs after sit-ups or a solid calf burn after leg raises, its time to increase the repetition or increase the weight.

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3. You Stop Seeing Results:

Telling sign, right? We all have different fitness goals, but once you’ve reached that goal, you have to work to maintain it. If you’ve been lifting weights and you don’t see any definition in your arms or back, that is a sign that you are not working your muscles to their fullest potential.

4. You Don’t Have an Appetite After Your Workout:

After a workout, your muscles are looking for fiber, and they crave protein and nutrients to rebuild. If you leave the gym and food is the last thing on your mind, your workout is not working for you, and you may need to switch things up.

5. You are Bored:

Success in the gym is both physical and mental. If you become bored with your workout routine, you’re more likely to lose your enthusiasm, and chances are your commitment will start to fade. Yes, working out can be hard but if you no longer feel good about it during or after, you should try other options. Try joining a workout class or working out with a friend to help motivate you.