3 Personal Trainer Tips to Stay Motivated

So you’ve been pretty good about your gym routine, but you feel like you might be plateauing, or it might be more tempting to hang out at a beer garden after work then go to the gym. Sometimes a bit of motivation is needed to keep yourself going. Today we’ve asked one of our trainers for some personal trainer tips and insight on what you can do to stay fit.

Keep Yourself Going With These Personal Trainer Tips

1. Progress comes fast

I was a high school and college athlete, and then as my career took off, my fitness life took a backseat. When I took my current job (in the fitness industry), one of my primary motivators was rediscovering my athleticism. At first, I was frustrated, I couldn’t do anything that I used to, but by focusing, working hard, and training regularly, in just my first month, I added a foot to my box jump, 50 pounds to my bench press, and could flat out sprint a mile in less. If you give yourself a baseline when you start back up, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress.

2. Set realistic goals

Setting attainable goals for set periods of time helps you to celebrate small wins; enough small wins in a row, and you’ll take a step back and realize you’ve gotten back everything you’ve lost and/or see a total transformation.

3. Find an accountability partner

Without someone to ensure you’re staying on track, nobody can give you a hard time for skipping the gym and watching Law & Order reruns. To get back what you lost, you have to get back to the gym in the first place; friendly motivation and competition go a long way.

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