The One Piece of Advice This SoulCycle Instructor Says Made Her ‘Unstoppable’

Meet the Wellness Confessional, our monthly series where we ask health and wellness rockstars in Philadelphia to dish on everything from their gym-bag staples to their motivational mantras. This month, Alexis Rose, founder of dance fitness company ARX and SoulCycle instructor extraordinaire, spills on the one piece of wellness advice that transformed her into an “unstoppable monster,” why you won’t find plain ol’ water in her fridge, and how she keeps her hair looking and feeling healthy while leading a very sweaty life.

The Wellness Confessional: Alexis Rose

The first three things I do when I wake up are …

My morning ritual can vary with my adventurous female boss life, but for the most part it goes like this:

5:30 a.m.: Wake up. I try to sleep later but my body has adapted and won’t change despite how much I fight with myself. I keep a glass of infused water by my bed at night so I can drink it first thing in the AM.

6 a.m.: While holding my chosen chakras of the day, I visualize my current life with acknowledgment and gratitude. I also visualize my future life. Then I spend about 30 minutes reciting what’s on my vision board, AKA “THE ROSE LIFE.”

7 a.m.: I get a few stretches in and shower before my 4-year-old daughter takes over the house.

Morning workouts or evening workouts?

If I could scream it I would: EVENING, EVENING, EVENING! I like to handle business in the morning, i.e. emails, social media, meetings. Plus, no one wants to hear what I sound like in the morning … not cute.

The one thing in my gym bag I can’t survive without is …

Is this a trick question? I really am that girl who carries a duffle bag as a handbag. Seriously! Everything in there is a necessity. But if I had to say one thing, I would say my phone.

My go-to post-workout products are …

Water,  protein bar by ONE, and a pair of my designer shades.

The three items my fridge is always stocked with are …

1. Bananas: They’re easy to grab pre- and post-workout.
2. A variety of infused waters: mint, lemon, cucumbers—ginger is my favorite.  I get tired of plain water, so this helps a lot and offers added benefits.
3. Eggs: These are a no-brainer meal or snack.

An indispensable piece of my wellness regimen that has nothing to do with fitness is …

Maintaining my hair. I wear a lot of protective hairstyles because of my sweat life. Hair extensions and braids are my go-to hairstyles to keep my natural hair protected from heating tools and sweat. Keeping my natural curls healthy and long is a priority of mine. Even though I don’t wear it often, when I do I take pride that it’s strong, healthy, and luxurious.

My go-to motivational mantra to get through tough workouts and hard days is …

“3 letters , 1 word: YES.” And: “Allow yourself to get bare, naked, and uncomfortable.”

The best wellness discovery I’ve made in Philly is …

Sip-N-Glo is an absolute must when I’m in the city! I love their juices and everyone who works there is so friendly.

My dream day of self-care in Philly would be …

My first stop would be cryotherapy. Then I’ll head over to SilkCocoon Beauty Bar for a full pamper day, including facial, lashes, and make-up application. I’d end the night at R2L with dinner for one, ordering a bottle of rosé to start. My entrée would be Scottish salmon with a side of creamed spinach and lobster mac and cheese. YAAAAS!

The best piece of wellness advice I’ve ever gotten is …

“Maybe you’re not meant to be in the back … people like you are meant to stand in the front.”
— Shaun T

I worked with Shaun T a few years ago and during a performance in Nashville, we taped a podcast in his hotel room. The podcast was a behind-the-scenes look at a performer and what personal struggles we face. During the podcast, I began to cry while I was explaining my deepest struggle, which was believing I was good enough to show the world who I am and what I have to offer. I just didn’t think I was good enough to do what I saw someone like Shaun T do. Those words stuck with me forever. We all have a voice and story that someone needs to hear. Needless to say, Shaun created an unstoppable monster!


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