Pre-workout Foods: Eat This – Not That


Correctly fueling your body before you hop on the treadmill or belly up to that weight set can be tough. Some foods will kick you into high gear, allowing you to get amazing results from exercise. Others, however, can make you sluggish or slightly ill, weighing you down and ruining what might otherwise be an awesome workout. Well, never fear: we’ve got your back. Here, you’ll learn some classic pre-workout foods to avoid and what to eat instead.

Get The Most Out of Your Workout With These Delicious Pre-Workout Foods!

1. Don’t Eat: Gel Packs

Gel packs are admittedly helpful for intense, long-distance physical exercise. Marathons and 100-mile bike rides definitely necessitate some quick fuel. However, that’s not what you should reach for during an ordinary workout because they lack crucial nutrients that keep you going.


2. Instead, Eat: Bananas

Bananas are also chock-full of sugar, which will keep you powered up during your workout. However, they also contain fiber to slow digestion and keep you full longer and contain vital nutrients.

3. Don’t Eat: Hummus

Protein is great before a workout, but beans can cause gas and bloating, which isn’t super helpful when you’re trying to get big things done. Save this snack for after you finish exercising.

4. Instead, Eat: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent substitute for bean-based foods before your workout because it does contain protein. However, it’s also full of carbohydrates and fiber, which again, slow digestion and releases fuel slowly.

5. Don’t Eat: Candy

Yeah, candy will give you that quick burst of energy that sometimes makes your workout session feel more doable. However, the sugar rush is accompanied by a sugar crash – usually mid-workout. That’s no good at all.

6. Instead, Eat: Nuts and Berries

Nuts and berries are the perfect pre-workout food because they’re a mix of short- and long-term energy. They leave you satisfied without feeling uncomfortably full, and while calorie-rich, they usually don’t add to your waistline. Just make sure to add for raw or dry-roasted nuts, without salt.

7. Don’t Eat: Raw Veggies

While raw veggies are super healthful, you’ll have trouble digesting during a workout, and they’re not that filling. Plus, they can make your stomach hurt if there’s nothing else in there because they activate all sorts of enzymes. These are best saved as part of a protein-rich post-workout meal.

Instead, Eat: Smoothie with Protein

Smoothies contain energy in the form of fruit but are also a great way to get perfect pre-workout foods like Greek yogurt and peanut butter. If you’re into protein powder – very helpful for weight lifting – toss some of that in too.

Now that you know how to eat smart before your workout, we’re sure you’re going to see even better results. Let us know in the comments what worked for you, and how your eating habits are evolving.