City Fitness Retrospective

To celebrate our 10th birthday we decided to highlight some of our favorite user stories. Below you’ll find Leanous, Jodi and Tommy. Three City Fitness members who embody what it means to be dedicated and work hard, the pillars that City Fitness is built upon.

Member: Leanous Seymour

“I have heard about City Fitness gym from reading articles on the internet and several people talking about the gym many times before I actually decided to visit.  I’m a South West Philly native and one day I just decided to travel uptown and try it out.  Losing weight was important to me because I am a couple years short of my 50th birthday and I’m trying to get healthier and reach my goal weight before then.  

I came to the gym at 430 lbs. and now I weigh 385 lbs. and I am on my way to my goal weight; which is between 200-220 lbs. by next July.  The biggest change I’ve noticed since losing the 50 lbs. has been the fit of my clothes and the definition in my arms.  I have started to notice the changes after just going there a couple of weeks.

Everyone at City Fitness is pretty nice; especially, the lady at the juice bar on Saturdays.  I like to try different drinks every time I go. So far, I’ve tried the Mango shake, the Chocolate shake and the Hawaiian shake.  All of their drinks are pretty good shakes and I don’t really have a favorite one yet. Even though it’s a long bus ride to City Fitness from South West Philly, I decided to become a member anyway because they have the best machines, the staff is nice, and it’s definitely the best place to go; which is everything I need to reach my goal.”     

Leanous Seymour



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Member: Jodi Diekow

“Prior to my experience at City Fitness, I was dedicated to my weekly routine of driving over an hour to City Fitness.  My days consisted of wake up, prep meals, do cardio, repeat!  Dissatisfied with the long drive, friends convinced me to try City Fitness.  I knew immediately that this was the gym for me.  The equipment was clean, the other members were respectful of putting back equipment and all of the staff was really friendly.  

At first I planned on continuing my routine cardio. Lifting weights wasn’t for me. What’s that? And don’t get me started on how much I hated stretching, but after meeting Tae Kim, my routine changed completely.  He created a routine specifically for me and my body goals and gave me the push I needed to get to the next level.  Before implementing Tae’s stretch routine, I could barely move without pain after a workout, but now every time I work out, I feel great.  I’m living a healthier lifestyle because of his guidance. He’s not only changed my body but also my mindset.  

The rest of the City Fitness gang has been an integral part of my transformation as well.  Each day knowing they are rooting for me has helped boost my confidence and pushed me toward my goal. Their interest, caring nature, and positivity are a breath of fresh air.  They don’t feel like a gym staff, but instead like a family!  I’ve been a member for a full year now, and I’d like to thank, Corrine, Evan, Jillian, Katie, Kevin, Janay, JJ, Victoria, Michelle, Melissa, and Angela for this being one of the most influential and transformative years of my life.”

 – Jodi Diekow



Member: Tommy Rosario

“Back in Camden, I went to the gym regularly but when I first moved to Philly, it was hard to find a gym I liked right away. I use to belong to another gym in the neighborhood and I wasn’t going as frequently as I wanted to go because I could never get on anything to workout and I never felt comfortable there.  One day, I showed up to said gym in a loose-fitted tank top. As I was working out, doing chest exercises, I was approached by a staff member saying that I was exposing my nipple.  I did one more rep and then decided to cancel my membership on the spot!  

Oddly enough I went out to eat that night and ran into my friend, Christina, who works at City Fitness, Fishtown. She gave me a week trial and after working out that first day, I just signed up right away. My goal had always been to get thicker because I’ve always been pretty thin and I was tired of people shaming me and telling me I look sick.  I wanted to become muscular.  

Now I work out 6 days a week and have an awesome nutritionist who helped me get rid of my skinny-fat syndrome and helped me to tone up which got me to my athletic status and on my way to being muscular.  My current goal is to be happy, healthy, and become more athletic. I’m trying to get married (lol).  I have to say, the best thing about City Fitness is the people. Everyone is very encouraging and I really can’t say enough good things about my gym. My new lifestyle is something that I won’t ever give up as long as City Fitness is a big part of it!  Thank you so much for being super awesome!”  

-Tommy Rosario

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