City Fit Girls: A Fitness Community for Women (And Brunch Lovers)

Killer workouts don’t always have to happen in the gym. I had the great opportunity of talking with Monica, a City Fitness employee who’s also an active member of City Fit Girls. You may have heard the name before from some of the events they’ve put on around Philadelphia. City Fit Girls is a running and fitness community for women founded in 2012 by Takia McClendon and Kiera Smalls.

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City Fit Girls “No Runner Left Behind” Mentality

city fit girls

Their “No Runner Left Behind” mentality has spread beyond Philly via social media and satellite groups in South Jersey and Washington D.C.. They hold weekly group runs that are open to runners of all paces and fitness levels. The only requirement that they ask is that you can complete a 3-mile run before you join!

Monica joined City Fit Girls in January but prior to attending her first group run, she was intimidated by fitness groups. After running into Takia and talking to her about it, she realized the group was much more approachable than anything she had gone to in the past. She attended her first workout and immediately felt at home.

I met the nicest and most inspiring women. They are all so uplifting, even when I am having a bad day. The group is the most diverse in the city, and it truly open to all fitness levels. The members are of all ages, shapes, and sizes who share a love for fitness.” says Monica.

Annual FitRetreat

city fit girls

One of the coolest events that City Fit Girls host is FitRetreat, a one day retreat for women of all fitness levels. Once a year, everyone gets together for a day filled with workouts, workshops, music, and massages! Oh, and did I mention brunch is included? It is a great way to meet other women in the community, learn about health and wellness and connect with Philadelphia’s best fitness, wellness, and mental health professionals.

Weekly Runs

city fit girls

The group normally meets at Dilworth Park on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for a run ranging from three to five miles. The workout is posted the night before on social media but you can also subscribe to their weekly training newsletter, which is sent out on Monday mornings. The newsletter includes workout schedules, recipes, articles about fitness and more!

Check out their Instagram and Facebook or join them for a workout!