Blog Takeover Pt.3: Joe DiSalvo Vs. The Monsoons

It has rained every day for the last two weeks, so if I had to guess I’d say monsoon season has officially started. I have learned the hard way that running in the rain and running in a monsoon are two very different things… I planned for my last run to be around 8 miles but ended up only doing 3 because of how intense the rain was. I am honestly impressed by the weather here. One minute it’s bright and sunny, the next you can’t even see because of how hard it is raining.

blogtakeover joe disalvo

I have been able to get out for some runs in between the downpours. One of these runs led me to find a dirt “track” that runs around a large field that the local kids use to play cricket. It has a few extra turns in it but is close to 400 meters (the distance on a standard track)! I had an opportunity to try it out the other day with some 200-meter repeats, and it was great. The run kicked my butt just as running an interval workout in the states would! Except for one fun detail, I have to dodge cows and goats every once in a while when they graze on the course!

blogtakeover joedisalvo

Living here, I have had to make some major changes to my life. One of the biggest was my decision to go vegetarian. The meat here is a little sketchy, for lack of a better word. This has added to the challenge of staying fit here. Not only do I need to get creative to cook balanced meals, but I also have to do it with only a two burner stove, one frying pan, and a pot because that is all I have at the flat I am staying in. After 3.5 months I am finally starting to master it!

One thing that is the same between here and living in Philly is I can still commute around on a bike. With some exceptions… that bike is a mountain bike, not a single speed track bike. My commute to and from work could be considered a beginners mountain bike course in the US, so that has been a fun daily experience. And lastly, although this city has over 2.5 million people living in it, somehow they do not have ANY traffic lights or signs. So every intersection is a big game of chicken to get through. And I thought Philly drivers were crazy!

Oh and in case anyone is wondering why I look more and more like a caveman every week, I made a bet with my roommate back in Philly not to get a haircut or shave my whole time here. Needless to say, I might need to spend an hour or two at the barber when I get back!

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