Blog Takeover Pt. 2: Joe DiSalvo Takes on Nepali Kids… and Gets Crushed

Hey there everyone, Joe again with another update on life in Nepal! Over the past few weeks, my journey here has been quite an adventure. It started off with a ten day trip to Ludhiana, India with my boss to check on progress at the bicycle frame factory.

Now you might be thinking “India sounds like it would be an awesome place to visit!” which is exactly what I thought as well. One thing I did not know was that June in India means that it is 100+ degrees or higher outside. Consistently. Apparently, this happens every year and lasts for a few weeks! So although it was a great experience to see how the frames were made, I was sweating more than I usually do when I workout!

joedisalvo blogtakeover

The good news was the hotel we stayed at had a killer fitness center, which is where I usually spent my mornings. While it was already 90 degrees outside at 6 am, I kept cool and got a nice workout in the A/C! Unfortunately, that meant any running I did was on the treadmill, or as most runners (myself included) call it the DREADmill. One of the coolest things about the trip was we were able to take a few frames back with us on the plane, one of which was a prototype frame that I designed! Oh and yes, carting 4 extra large bike boxes through the Delhi airport is as fun as it sounds…

Joedisalvo blogtakeover

Next came a visit from my parents. This was their first (and maybe only) time traveling to Asia, and although Kathmandu might not be the ideal place for an Asian vacation, coming to see me was enough motivation for them. This gave me a nice break to get out of the city and enjoy a little of rural Nepal. We spent a few days at a mountaintop resort where I was able to get in some amazing trail running. I also got to compete in a trail race, kicking off my international running career.

Side note, I got my butt kicked by a bunch of Nepali kids who looked half my age. To be fair, they grew up running with the 4,600’ elevation. I am definitely still getting used to it! I plan on testing how the elevation has helped my running gains a week after I am back in the states at The Philly 10k so keep an eye out for my results! I have about two months left here and am looking forward to sharing the rest of my experiences with the City Fitness community. Hope everyone is enjoying it, see you next time!