The Apps These Meditation Pros Use Right When They Wake Up

Welcome to our monthly series, the Wellness Confessional. Every month, we ask one of Philly’s wellness rockstars to dish on everything from their morning routine to their can’t-live-without fridge staples. This time around, we have a duo: Jasmine and Anastasia Bailey, the sisters and owners behind Fishtown’s Vitality Meditation, a space they say they opened to help themselves and others “find our silence and calm through the chaos.” Yes, please.

Below, the sisters spill on their go-to apps (yep: even meditation pros turn to apps to find their sanity), Jasmine shares the homemade tonic she whips up for a jolt of morning energy, Anastasia reveals the products she uses to keep her skin glowing post-workout, and more. Read up below!

The first three things I do when I wake up are …

Anastasia: First, I play a sunrise affirmation using the app Eternal Sunshine. Silently repeating the affirmations to myself helps to energize and inspire my day. I love this app because throughout the day it also sends me positive messages and affirmations, which are great gentle reminders to stay positive and present, and prompts me to check in with how I’m feeling. Then, I journal and stretch, doing three minutes of cat-cow.

Jasmine: I read my daily affirmation from the app Meditopia to help guide my energy for the day. Then I spend some time stretching in nature to appreciate the body and the natural gifts around us.

Morning workouts or evening workouts?

A: My favorite time to work out is between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. It gives me enough time to have some me time in the morning, but is also early enough to get my workout out of the way for the day.

J: I do not plan when I workout—I make sure I get a workout in every day, but I let it happen when it happens.

The items in my gym bag I absolutely can’t live without are …

A: Bioderma face wipes, a hydrating face spray (I like Mario Badescu facial sprays or Kiehl’s Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist) and microfiber hand towel.

J: My fruit-infused water and socks—because sometimes my workout is just going to the studio to dance!

My go-to post-workout must-have is …

A: A mixed berry + coconut smoothie with Sprouts vegan vanilla protein powder.

J: Fruit-infused water. I always choose my fruits based on whatever nutrients I feel like I need that day.

Three items my fridge is always stocked with are …

A: Cilantro, avocado and lemon. I can eat avocado for breakfast, lunch or dinner on toast, and in salads and grain bowls. And I love sprinkling cilantro and lemon juice on my salads for flavor.

J: Ginger, Lemon, and turmeric. Sometimes, I have a hard time finding the energy to get up and work out, so making a tonic of these three items in boiling water gives me the natural energy I need to spring up and work out.

An indispensable part of my wellness routine that has absolutely nothing to do with fitness is …

A: Skincare! Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about proper skincare. I’m obsessed with having glowy skin without makeup. I think it’s very important to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, literally and figuratively.

J: Talking to one of my close friends after I’ve guided different meditation sessions to release the energy that has been given to me by different clients, so I can continue to help them heal. I must do a lot of expressing my emotions so I’m always giving clients pure energy while guiding them through a meditation.

My go-to motivational mantra is …

A: I have two: “I am a purposeful powerhouse” and “I will do good today and good will come tomorrow.”

J: “I own my mind” and “I own my journey.”

The best wellness discovery I’ve made in Philly is …

A: Rescue Spa—it feels like I’m in heaven every time I’m there, whether I’m being serviced or just stopping by to say hi to the staff.

J: Garland of Letters Bookstore, to find my beautiful crystals and different books that will enhance the mindfulness journey.

My ideal day of self-care in Philly would be …

A: Yoga followed by matcha and breakfast or lunch at Hungry Pigeon. Then, I’d get a massage, mani and pedi at Rescue Spa, followed by some retail therapy, stopping into boutiques on my brisk walk home—I love walking!

J: I’d start with a morning stretch and meditation facing the sunlight, spending time in nature (love sitting in the middle of a creek hearing the water move through rocks), make breakfast for myself and roommate, teach a couple meditation classes at Vitality, and end my day watching a movie (maybe Disney) with my roommate.

The best piece of wellness advice I’ve ever gotten is …

A: To meditate. My meditation practice has allowed me to become more grounded, creative and just a more peaceful and happier person overall.

J: Mindfulness meditation. It helps me make realizations in my life and environment so I am serving myself, my day, my environment, and my interactions the way I know will make myself and universe smile.

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