The 7 Best Ways to Cool Off When It’s Hot A.F. in Philly

The only thing I hate more than a cold shower is a cold, clammy handshake (disgusting, am I right?). But lately, it’s been so hot that I’ve been considering becoming one of those people who willingly bathes in a stream of ice-cold water.

In other words: This heat has caused me to lose all semblance of sanity. If you, too, are losing it, below are seven fail-proof ways to get relief from the dog days of summer, from what to eat to where to hide out. And yes: A public spot to dunk yourself into an ice bath did make the cut.

1. Do cryotherapy

Where: Orange Cryo Wellness, 444 North 4th Street
Consider this cryotherapy spot—just a hop, skip and a throw away from City Fitness’s Northern Liberties outpost—your ticket to feeling instantly cold AF. Its whole-body cryotherapy treatments—touted as endorphin-boosting, recovery-aiding, anti-inflammatory sessions—expose your body to subzero temps as low as -265 degrees fahrenheit. Don’t worry: You only have to bear it for three minutes. And if you’re in the mood for some additional pampering, this cryo center, unlike most, also offers cryo facials.

2. Eat a matcha bowl

Where: Stripp’d Juice, 263 North 3rd Street
This bowl (think: like an acai bowl, but green) satisfies an array of requirements: most importantly, it’s cold; it’s loaded with nutrients, thanks to fruit and add-ons like cacao and hemp seeds; AND it has caffeine. Totally beats a popsicle, am I right?

3. Plunge into an ice-cold bath

Where: Southampton Spa, 141 North 2nd Street Pike, Southampton
In the fitness community, this bathhouse is perhaps best known for their cooling pool, AKA the ice bath of all ice baths. A $40 admission fee gets you access to the Russian and Turkish bath experience, which includes steam rooms, cooling pools and more. Pro tip: If you gather a group of your friends, a shuttle will pick groups of five or more up in the city and transport you to the spa for free.

4. Sip on a pineapple charcoal lemonade

Where: Sip-N-Glo, multiple locations
When you’re sweating so much you feel like a human waterfall, there is no better relief than an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Sip-N-Glo’s take adds in the very on-trend charcoal. (Don’t worry—it does change the color, but the taste is the same ol’ tart-and-refreshing goodness.)

5. Do free poolside fitness classes (then jump in!)

Where: Multiple locations
Yep: Free. Poolside. Fitness. Sounds like a dream, right? But it’s real: A slew of Philly’s public pools offer free classes like yoga and Aqua Zumba. And get this: After you get your sweat on, they usually offer pool time—so jump in and feel your body temp drop a couple degrees.

6. Eat a scoop of dairy-free Thai iced tea ice cream

Where: Little Baby’s Ice Cream, multiple locations
Guys, TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS: This dairy-free ice cream tastes like iced tea but better because, well, it’s ice cream. If you do one single thing to cool down, do this.

7. Catch up on your reading list

Photo Courtesy of the Free Library of Philadelphia

Where: The Free Library of Philadelphia, multiple locations.
The arguably best spot of all to cool down in Philly? The Free Library, where the AC is always blasting and there’s plenty of entertainment. (Um, hello, rows upon rows of books.) If you need help pinning down your first read, our summer reading list is a good place to start!


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